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Cartoon Springboard 2022 has also seen an influx of creative women getting involved. Forty-four percent of pitches came from female creators, while 42 percent of female directors were women, which Springboard says demonstrates a steady evolution of the program and how young women can navigate their way into the industry. animation industry.

Below, we dive into four of the locations that stood out to us after attending Cartoon Springboard’s first day.

Surkotes (Belgium)

Director: Baami-Bandema Mpoza Godfrey
Writers: Martin Delporte, Nicolas Laasman, Emin Ben Kaddour, Pablo Exposito Lopez
Format: Transmedia including a 2d animated web series
Looking for: Producers, partners, and to expand the team with new talents (especially female)

Experiment with various forms of interactive and passive media, overrated was the most developed project we’ve seen pitched, with four episodes already available on Youtube. The series revolves around Boniface “Ben” Bourgeon, a student who has just arrived in a “kot”, a type of privately rented student accommodation in Belgium. There he experiences the highs and lows of student life with a cast of anthropomorphic characters including a demon, a light bulb, and a boombox with a thick behind.

In the show, 2D animated characters are superimposed over live backgrounds, a stylistic choice that delighted the panel of pitch experts including Jam Media’s Mark Cumberton, Cub Animation’s Balint Gelley and Dario van Vree. by Studio Pupil. The panel was less enthused by the project’s lack of female characters and behind-the-scenes talent, an issue that presenters Baami-Bandema Mpoza Godfrey (director) and Martin Delporte (screenwriter) said they were acutely aware of and working to address as as soon as possible.

9 million colors (Czech Republic)

Director: Bara Anna Stejskalova
Producer: Bionaut Animation with co-producer Divize
Format: Stop motion musical short film
Looking for: Director of photography, post-production services, co-producers, broadcasters

Mantis shrimp are fascinating aquatic creatures that are among the most colorful in the natural world. Their eyes have more photoreceptors than humans, which means they can see in the UV spectrum. During mating rituals, they emit active fluorescence. Nine million colors creator Bára Anna Stejskalová (Love is just a death away) used these traits as the visual basis for his ambitious stop-motion musical about one of those shrimp befriending a blind fish. Playing with light and color, the project teaser offered a truly unique proposition.

Presentation panel experts Cristian Jezdic of beQ Entertainment, Corinne Kouper of TeamTo and David Jabrane of France Télévisions agreed, praising the film’s innovative use of light to create a vibrant underwater atmosphere. Their main concern was a disconnect between the intended audience of the short and the sometimes violent content of a harsh underwater environment where animals frequently dismember themselves for their own gain. Maybe the project isn’t quite for young kids, or maybe it will play differently in different countries where kids are exposed to certain themes at a younger age.

9 million colors

For an hour and a half (France)

Director: Marie Derambure
Writer: Paco Moccand
Format: 2d animated series

For an hour and a half is a series of fit-for-purpose short films set throughout the French train journey from Perpignan to Montpellier. Each episode is planned to last the duration between stops of the popular trip; so theoretically a passenger making the trip could watch everything while taking the train and finish when they arrive at the last stop. The series will follow two young men who meet on a train and embark on a long-lasting romance. One is recently single and doesn’t believe in short-term relationships, and the other tries to convince him that a love that only lasts a few hours can be just as enjoyable as a love that lasts for years.

BBC Children’s Lucy Pryke, Cub Animation’s Balint Gelley and Studio Pupil’s Dario van Vree praised the series’ focused storytelling and dynamic, punchy art style, which host Marie Derambure says she keep it as “simple as possible”. The panelists’ main concern was the show’s maverick format, with each episode being a different length. Some people in the room suggested that the episodes could perhaps be combined into one feature film as their combined runtime would be 90 minutes, a more appealing format for platforms and broadcasters.

For an hour and a half

salted banana (Croatia)

Director, Screenwriter, Animator, Everything: Mihaela Erceg
Format: 2D animated web series
Looking for: Partners and artists to help with animation

The last pitch of the day was – not least for the others – the best received and the most entertaining. salted banana The stage charisma of creator Mihaela Erceg was noted by the judges, at which point it was shared that she was doing stand-up comedy in Croatia. Nobody was surprised, because his speech caused many in the room to laugh at the word “go”.

salted banana revolves around a food-themed group of young women (if only in name) from diverse, often traumatic backgrounds. Citing influences such as Seinfeld and Friends, the comedy series follows an almost sitcom format with each episode featuring a new problem for one of the girls that the others help her solve. The only concern expressed by experts Daniella Gallegos of Tribes Media, Stephan Roelants of Melusine Productions and Fabian Driehorst of Fabian&Fred was that in the project information they received before the pitch, some characters sometimes seemed a little too salty. After seeing Erceg’s tasty pitch, however, they were sure she would find the right recipe to make the show work.

salted banana

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