8 of the best audiobook adaptations of graphic novels

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There’s something magical about the particular visual language of comics. As someone whose favorite part of the books is often the conversations, the comics hold a special place because I can understand the details of the world while only reading the dialogue. But I realized that a lot of people struggle to read graphic novels for a number of reasons.

They may want to read them but don’t know where to start, or just don’t have access to a ton of quality graphic novels. Cost can be a factor when people buy books, and a graphic novel can cost the same as a novel but take a quarter of the time to read. Another factor is not knowing how to read a graphic novel. It takes some practice to find the right way to read each page when they are all laid out differently. And sometimes visual reading is simply unattainable.

It’s always a pleasure to tell people that they make comic book audio adaptations. Now, with your audiobook library or app, you can access a world of audiobooks! These are often done with full casts and are reworked to give a description of what is happening on the page.

I know some people may doubt that a graphic novel can do well as an audiobook, or that it “counts” as reading a graphic novel. I’m here to tell you the truth: audio versions of graphic novels are amazing and totally count as reading!

So now, here are ten of the best audiobook adaptations of graphic novels.

Unique narrators

Black Panther: The Young Prince by Ronald L. Smith

One day, T’Challa will take on the mantle of Black Panther, but for now, he’s just the young prince. The first in a series to explore the adventures of young T’Challa, we follow him as he is sent to school in the heart of Chicago. As he struggles to understand life in America, sinister things happen at school. Determined to get to the bottom of things, he makes a shocking discovery.

Cover of Spider-Man's Requiem

Spider-Man Requiem By Jeff Mariotte

A newly translated grimoire has been discovered in South America, and the effects of this discovery reverberate as far as New York. The Darkhold is a book of terrifying power, and many want to control it. When a secret cabal accidentally unleashes this power, our favorite web-slinger finds himself a target. A specter begins to haunt Peter, manifesting as some of the most malevolent foes Spider-Man has ever faced.

Marvel's Civil War cover

Civil war by Stuart Moore

Iron-Man and Captain America, once teammates, find themselves opposing leaders in a war that will dictate the lives of other powerful individuals for centuries to come. As everyone is forced to take sides, the two clash in a bloody and ruthless war. Alliances will be forged, friendships will be ruined, and the threat of betrayal lurks at every turn. This is a beloved comic book story for the ages captured in audiobook form for all to enjoy.

cover image of American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

chinese born american by Gene Luen Yang

Three seemingly unrelated stories come together in this touching modern fable.

Jin Wang just wants to fit in at school, but he is being bullied relentlessly. Chin-Kee and his cousin Danny are always at odds whenever Chin-Kee comes to visit.

The lives of these boys and that of the Monkey King, an ancient Chinese fable, intertwine in this story of growing up differently.

Full cast recordings

The Sandman audiobook cover

The sand man by Neil Gaiman

Narrated by a full cast, the Beloved Sand seller comics come to life. When an occultist accidentally captures Dream instead of Death during a ritual, the fate of the world is changed. After 70 years, Dream, also known as Morpheus, escapes and makes the long journey back to his kingdom. The journey is arduous and he is long gone. It seems that some have capitalized on his departure, and he needs to get his house in order.

Cover of Good Talk

good conversation by Mira Jacobs

A graphic memory that presents dozens of conversations, good conversation is totally unique. Narrated by the author and a full cast, it’s a collection of people talking about seemingly everything. good conversation offers thoughts and conversations about being an immigrant, being a parent, religion, politics and more. These great discussions come to life in the audiobook version.

nimona book cover

Nimona by ND Stevenson

Based on the beloved webcomic and featuring a full cast of voice actors, Nimona is a delightful listen. It tells the story of young Nimona, a shape-shifter who apprenticed with a terrifying villain, Lord Ballister Blackheart, as she helps him carry out his plot to expose the hero Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin as a fraud. But things escalate, questions remain unanswered, and Nimona may not be all she seems.

Cover of White Bird

white bird by RJ Palacio

A beautiful book that spans the world of Wonder, this book will touch you and leave you with a sense of hope. Narrated by a full cast that really brings the work to life, white bird is an incredible tale of love and perseverance. We hear the story of a young Jewish woman trying to survive Nazi-occupied France and see the stories she passes on to her grandson about her time there.

We’ve only scratched the surface of adaptations. There are so many more out there, and so many releases in the future. Good listening !

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