About 97% of reader surveys want the grocery chain at NWA.



Graphics: Thomas Oide / Axios; Source: Axios survey

Grocery store reviews are strong with Axios NWA readers. A big thank you to the nearly 1,500 (!) Of you who responded to our survey.

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The verdict: Local readers overwhelmingly want to see a Trader Joe’s on the grocery store pallet, with 97% of 1,452 survey respondents saying they want one.

A Trader Joe’s is so sought after, there’s even a Facebook page, Bring Trader Joe’s to Northwest Arkansas, with over 6,000 likes.

Yes, but: Trader Joe’s spokeswoman Rachel Broderick told Axios the California-based company has no plans to open a store in NWA anytime soon.

  • However, Trader Joe’s pays attention to customer feedback, Broderick says.

  • You can let the company know that you want a store near you by submitting a request.

What they say : “We tend to grow at a much slower pace than most retailers our size. In order for us to open in a particular area, it has to be the right time, the right site and the right storefront, and the right team available to relocate and manage the store, ”Broderick said.

TJ wants comments? We have it. A full range of emotions were represented among the responses:

  • The dramatic: “We need a Trader Joe’s like the earth needs rain. “

  • The logic : “A Trader Joe’s in Bentonville or Rogers would be very successful. Washington County already has stores such as Co-Op and Whole Foods. Whereas Benton County only has the Fresh Market, which is doing well. “

  • The downcast buyer: “I love Trader Joe’s and I don’t understand why there aren’t any here already. I’m sad.”

  • Straightforward pleading: “PLEASE. I BEG YOU.”

  • The right to the essential: “Yes, anyone who’s been to Trader Joe’s would love one here.”

Worth it for the wine selection here at Little Rock Trader Joe’s. Photo credit: Alex Golden / Axios

Here for inexpensive prepared salads and wraps. Photo credit: Alex Golden / Axios

Inventory: About 88% of those surveyed said they wanted a Trader Joe’s because of their selection, and 80% said they wanted more options in the place they buy.

  • A few readers have said that Trader Joe’s would be a good option for students, who are primarily in Fayetteville. Some have said they would rather see a Kroger, which also doesn’t have NWA stores. Some want to see Walmart have more competition.

How is it : I recently took a trip to the state’s only Trader Joe’s in Little Rock that opened in 2019.

  • I hadn’t been since 2016 during a three month stay in Los Angeles, and memories of Trader Joe’s great selection and inexpensive wine came back.

  • It’s especially a good option for those who need healthy, ready-to-eat meals and a hassle-free grocery experience.

Everything I need to make pasta for me and my friends. Photo credit: Alex Golden / Axios

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