Almeria authorities insist on the need for a faster rail link with Granada

RENDEZ-VOUS CORDIAL: Discussion on the Almeria-Granada rail link Photo credit: Diputacion de Almeria

THE new rail link between Almeria and Granada has been welcomed but also criticized for arriving “30 years late”.

Javier Aureliano Garcia, President of the Diputacion Provincial Council, and Almeria City Mayor Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco agreed that the project was urgently needed to complete the Mediterranean Corridor linking Almeria to the rest of Europe .

Nevertheless, after their April 22 meeting with the deputy infrastructure minister and Maria Luisa Dominguez – president of Spanish rail infrastructure provider Adif – they called the plan “conformist and unambitious”.

Garcia and Fernandez-Pacheco pointed out that the new link would reduce the Almeria-Granada journey by 30 minutes at best, taking 114 from the current 144.

Javier Aureliano Garcia stressed the need for a much greater reduction in travel time for the Almeria-Granada train to be competitive.

“It’s vital that it takes less than 90 minutes,” he said. “Adif and Infrastructures have agreed to continue studying this possibility and we have offered to collaborate.”

Despite their initial disappointment, Garcia and Fernandez-Pacheco thanked Dominguez and Flores for attending the meeting, which took place “in an atmosphere of cordiality and mutual collaboration”.

They also revealed that this meeting was the result of pressure from the Diputacion and Almeria City Hall following three consultations between Adif, Xavier Flores and the Granada authorities to which their counterparts in Almeria had not been invited.

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