“An ideal husband” and “Parisian model”


Paulette Goddard films: ‘An Ideal Husband’ and ‘Paris Model’ on TCM

Height of Paulette Goddard: Supposedly 5’4 ″. Paulette Goddard Age: Well… Goddard would have been 108 today. Or 103. Or 102. Or 98. It all depends on the source, although Goddard herself apparently – and not surprisingly – preferred the birth date of 1915, which would have made her 98 years old in 2013. That she is either a hundred or ninety, Paulette Goddard is the star of the day of Turner Classic Movies. TCM has already screened several Goddard films, including that of Charles Chaplin Modern times and Luise Rainer’s star vehicle Dramatic School, and it currently displays An ideal husband.

Made in England for London Films, An ideal husband (1947) was a production prestigious enough to warrant the presence of a major Hollywood star in a British film. No less than Alexander Korda, founder of London Films, directed this film adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s play about a British politician whose past peccadilloes could come to haunt him – thanks to a blackmailer. London Films’ best screenwriter, Lajos Biró (The Four Feathers, The Thief of Baghdad) wrote the adaptation.

Besides Paulette Goddard, An ideal husband stars Elizabeth Taylor’s future husband, Michael Wilding, then at the height of his popularity thanks to a series of highly successful pairings with British superstar Anna Neagle; Diana Wynyard, Oscar nominee for Best Actress (for Cavalcade, 1932-33); veteran support player Hugh Williams (David Copperfield, Wuthering Heights); Hollywood veteran C. Aubrey Smith (The Crusades, the prisoner of Zenda); Rising star and future Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Glynis Johns (for The sunsets, 1960); and stage legend Constance Collier.

Parisian model

Next on TCM is Parisian model (according to IMDb, alias Naked at midnight), a minor comedy-drama from 1953 in which Paulette Goddard is one of many women – Marilyn Maxwell, Barbara Lawrence and Eva Gabor are the others – whose fate is tied to a dress called “Nude at Midnight”. Alfred E. Green, whose career dates back to his mid-teens and who had directed Bette Davis in several of his Warner Bros. vehicles. from the 1930s, took care of the procedure.

Unfortunately, at the start of the 1950s, Paulette Goddard’s career, like that of many of her contemporaries, was in the doldrums. She would only star in two more movies, Charge of the Lancers and The Stranger Came Home / The Four Ungodly, both released in 1954, before retiring from the cinema. There would only be one comeback on the big screen, in Francesco Mesalli’s drama in 1964 A time of indifference / Gli indifferent.

The four husbands of Paulette Goddard

Paulette Goddard carefully handpicked her husbands and jewelry. The jewels were too numerous to list here. But the husbands were: businessman Edgar James (1927-1932), actor-director-producer-etc. Charles Chaplin (1936-1942), two-time Oscar nominated actor Burgess Meredith (1944-1949), and In the west, nothing is new author Erich Maria Note (1958-1970, his death).

A very wealthy woman, Paulette Goddard died of heart failure at the age of 85 (or 80, or 79, etc.) in Ronco, Switzerland, in 1990.

For the record, Burgess Meredith’s two Oscar nominations, both for Best Supporting Actor, came late in his career: The day of the grasshopper (1975) and Rocky (1976).

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