Back plus back – Mexican film premiere and trailer

What do you do if the monotony in your relationship has reached unbearable levels? Are you getting divorced? o Do you rely on new experiences to rekindle love? These are several of the questions that the filmmaker asks Alfonso Pineda Ulloa (love, pain and vice versa), who conceived the film Two plus twoa Mexican romantic comedy featuring a choral cast embroiled in the depths of polyamory.

What is it about?

The seemingly stable marriage of Sara (Adriana Louvier) and Enrique (Arath de la Torre), will be cut short after they recognize that something is wrong. By chance, Sara learns from her friend Lucy (Tessa Ia) a secret that could save her relationship: Lucy and Ricardo (Luis Ernesto Franco) have an open relationship.

Knowing that her husband Enrique trusts his colleague Ricardo, Sara has no rest until she convinces her husband to try the “cure”, thus causing the most absurd situations that lead her to… at first on the verge of a panic attack, but then make him enjoy. himself. benefits of polyamory by transforming into a new Enrique, a mischievous man who becomes the center of attention.

New romantic and hormonal encounters will betray many feelings and the two couples will sink into the worst crisis they have ever known and that perhaps only love can save.

Two plus two is an adaptation of the Argentinian film of the same name, directed by Diego Kaplan and written by Daniel Cúparo with Juan Vera.

meet the characters

Enrique (42) – Arath de la Torre

Sarah’s husband. Conservative, controlling and a little conformist. For him, all is well at work, at home and in his social circles. At least that’s what he thinks, because over time he has somewhat neglected his appearance and especially his relationship with his wife. He usually avoids his problems by playing it safe with everything, but deep down he knows something is wrong. He feels a certain envy for his partner, since he represents everything he would like to be. He will quickly realize that this is not the case.

Arath de la Torre Two plus two Mexican film

Sara (42 years old) – Adriana Louvier

Henry’s wife. She is smart, young and attractive. Despite the fact that she leads a busy life economically, she is aware that something is missing from her relationship, as she has been a bit bored for a long time and she knows that her coexistence is no longer the same as before. . She’s getting to the point where she’s willing to try new alternatives, no matter how liberal.

Ricardo (36 years old) – Luis Ernesto Franco

Lucy’s partner and Enrique’s partner. Young, charismatic, attractive and seductive. Life smiles on him, it seems that he has everything to please: money, health, success and a perfect partner who gives free rein to all its occurrences. He works hard to live the good life and enjoy all the luxury he wants. Her impulsive and rebellious character leads her to try out unusual trends and experiments. Unlike his partner, he believes in trying everything in life and philosophy has been the key to maintaining a healthy and fresh relationship with his partner.

Luis Ernesto Franco Two plus two Mexican film

Lucy (36) Tessa Ia

Richard’s partner. Young, handsome, smart and fanatical. She has absolute self-confidence, the product of a good life. She loves getting out of her comfort zone and trying new things, connecting with her more sexual side and sharing absolutely anything with her partner. As a good friend of hers, she worries about Sara, whom she recently saw very dissatisfied with her partner. Thinking he has his solution, she will suggest that he try something very different.

Release date

Two plus two will premiere in Mexican theaters next March 31, 2022.


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