“Barely 150 players make a living from tennis”


Hours after Australian Open director Craig Tiley publicly announced that tennis players wishing to play in the first Grand Slam of the season must be vaccinated against covid-19, the reactions did not follow. keep waiting.

Especially when the tennis players who are in the heat of the title fight in the ATP final in Turin, they have been asked about it. Unsurprisingly from his repeated insinuations in recent months, Novak Djokovic, a little fond of vaccines in general, gave a most enigmatic answer as to whether or not he intends to be in Australia: “We’ll see.

We will have to wait and see. In a similar and mysterious line, Medvedev showed himself: ‘Yes, I’m actually a little surprised that they confirmed it so late, let’s say. Months have passed. At least I knew it probably was.

The prime minister or the governor of the state of Melbourne, I don’t know if I can’t remember exactly who said it, but it was official. I was surprised to see this news because I was like, what’s up? “The Russian’s rival in the Masters final, Zverev, was much clearer when giving his opinion on the compulsory vaccination:” We are visiting another country.

It’s not about tennis. This is the virus that occurs, isn’t it? No it’s a tournament or tennis. We are visiting another country. Ultimately, the country allows us to enter. We have to follow the rules and follow the guidelines.

I hope he is able to play. At the end of the day, I’m number 3 in the world, so if he’s not playing (because of Djokovic) it’s easier to win the tournament. ”

Djokovic is a key member of the PTPA

Besides being a phenomenal tennis player, Novak Djokovic is a key member of the PTPA (Association of Professional Tennis Players).

He is one of the founders of the association and fights for player rights with his friend Vasek Pospisil. “We are a conformist society, we always prefer to join the herd than to leave it.

Instead of saying “this is wrong, it is not fair, I will fight for this other who is less fortunate than me”, they choose the easier path. I know I am a thorn in the side of many, I try to expose the monopoly that has reigned in our sport for many years, “Djokovic said in the interview.

(Translated via Google Translate) In the same interview, Nole pointed out that only around 150 players make a living from tennis and that does not happen in any other sport. He feels this is not fair and therefore wants to make a change.

“I know who I am and what I am, I know what’s right. Barely 150 players make a living from tennis in the male and female categories. Give me any other sport that it does. It is precisely for these boys and girls that we are fighting, ”added the 20-time Grand Slam champion.


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