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Author Margaret Hickey turned to detective fiction for her new novel Cutters End. Hickey, who grew up in Bendigo and now lives in Beechworth, is traditionally a short story writer, but decided to try his hand at a novel. “There is something about crime stories, especially when you are in a safe place, that you can appreciate from afar,” she said. “You wouldn’t want to be there, but there is something intoxicating about reading it when you are safe yourself. Read more:” I just decided to write about crime because I had it fed up with writing literary short stories for literary magazines. I wanted to write something that I didn’t know where it would take me to. I wasn’t trying to win prizes or get published, it was just to see how I would do. “Hickey said she found the decision to try something new for free.” just wrote 1000 words every day and I didn’t plan anything, “she said.” I found it really fun to write. I find the short stories quite tortuous to write compared to that. “There is more freedom with a novel. With short stories, every word, syllable, and punctuation has to be checked and rechecked. While I felt more free to explore the characters in it. Wrote it. I wouldn’t recommend for students I teach at college and 12 years I teach, but it worked for that because I wasn’t writing on time. “Sometimes I had to sort through thousands of words but I didn’t worry because there was no pressure. Then I sent it in and was picked up by Penguin Random House. I was shocked. ”Cutters End follows the investigation into a fictitious crime that happened 30 years ago that ended with the discovery of a body on the side of a highway. Hickey said that Cutters End was definitely fictional and in part inspired by the time she spent hitchhiking along the Stuart Highway. “It draws mainly from the vast landscapes of central Australia and the sentiment freedom, but sometimes the fear it can bring, “she said.” It takes place on the Stuart Highway and talks about a body that was found on New Years Eve in 1989. Thirty years older late there is a new investigation into who it was and how they got there. “I had started to think about when I left Bendigo and hitchhiked a lot. It was very adventurous but we and we had a great time but we had some scary times. the late 1980s to 1990s were drawing to a close because of people like Ivan Milat. “My friend and I were often taken with older ladies who would ask us if we had heard what was happening to these people on the east coast. . The book is kind of a nod to those last days of freedom and innocence. “Cutters End was released on August 17 and was featured in Apple Book’s Top 10 Australia and New Zealand. The book’s release falls during a lockdown, as does Hickey’s last post – a collection of short stories called Rural Dreams – in 2020. She’s hoping people are spending time reading during their lockdown time. “The timing is a bit lousy for a release. , but book sales increased last year, so I hope people read, “she said.” I was surprised at its success. It is available everywhere and Bendigo’s support has been brilliant. “Bendigo readers are always really supportive of me, as are Bendigo bookstores. I am lucky to have grown up there and will be coming to Bendigo to speak at the Bendigo library on October 21. Our reporters are working hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community . Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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