Blows, Indifference in Kogi, Abuja on APC Muslim – Muslim Ticket

The discussion and controversies raging among Nigerians over the ruling APC’s decision to field two Muslims as presidential and vice-presidential candidates continued, with many respondents interviewed in Abuja and Kogi expressing their dismay, while others remain indifferent to the decision. Few of the APC faithful, however, justified the pairing.

A political commentator, Samuel Obadiah, told TheNewsGuru that the decision was not considered by the APC, saying it was a dead combination that isolated Christian opinion in the country.

For him, “what this means is that the APC does not respect what Christians feel. They believe that a religious balance would have no impact on the outcome of the elections in the secular but religiously sensitive environment in which we found ourselves.

He said the party should have scrutinized the North before arriving at the decision because “regional balance is as important as religious balance. I don’t think any well-meaning Christian would vote for the ruling party, given their record since taking office.

“Are you telling me that there are no Christian politicians who would help pacify the already strained Christian population in the area? Of course there are. It’s just an attempt to circumvent them.

For her part, Njideka Onwonwu, who is a civil society activist, said the nation was already teetering towards division and there was no need to continue beating the divisive drum or to emphasize on the factors that further pit people against each other.

According to her, it does not matter whether a political party decides to pair two Christians or Muslims, as long as they can maintain peace and improve the social and economic welfare of the people while ensuring an accountable, transparent and corruption-free government.

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“I’ve always been interested in who would talk about the lack of ability to deliver democratic goods to citizens since this whole argument started over Muslims – Muslims and so on,” she said.

“What an average Nigerian needs now is good governance. A government that can create opportunities for citizens to live in peace, have access to quality education, provide infrastructure and make life comfortable.

“The noise about the religion and belief system of the contestants is a distraction to me. country on the move.

“The worsening insecurity in Nigeria does not encourage people to develop a national debate that would tackle the problem head-on. It is sad that people are disappointed with the situation. Faced with alarming poverty, people are paying through their noses to free their kidnapped loved ones. Some of these things go unreported, in fact the security agencies don’t want most silent payments to be known to the public.

“I think it’s the religious leaders who feed on the ignorance of the people who are inducing the public to exaggerate the issue of the Muslim-Muslim ticket. This shouldn’t be such a problem, as far as I’m concerned.

Joseph Akwu, meanwhile, believes Nigeria would gain more from the experience of APC candidates Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his running mate Kashim Shettima.

Mr Akwu noted that the duo had a combined experience of 16 years as governors having served eight years each as governors of Lagos and Borno states.

To this effect, he said that Tinubu understands the complexities of the south and Shettima understands the north very well, hence the belief that they are a combination capable of carrying the country to great heights.

Sunday Dada doesn’t care, he said the only thing that would give him joy would be if he saw a leader who would start changing things across the country for the better.

Umar Yahuza, John Usman, Shuaibu Audu, Mohammed Abubakar and others also spoke on the matter and said they would pray for it if it was best for the country and they would also pray against it if at the end, it would be a sinister one.

Shuaibu Audu, in particular, told our reporter, “Do you know what the country has been through in recent years? What we need now are prayers for Almighty God to choose the best leader for us, not a question about what religion they practice.


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