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Alberto Moravia, Italian novelist, affirms: “You become a writer, but you have to be born a novelist. If a person has sensitivity, culture and imagination, it is not difficult to become a writer. It is impossible to become a novelist, storyteller or fableur; either you have a natural gift for storytelling or you don’t. Likewise, the best bridge players are born with a natural gift. Others may be competent but will never be great.

In today’s deal, the North bid and the South played imaginatively. Look at North’s hand first. You play rubber bridge for high stakes. Your partner, bless him, open four spades. After your opponent on the right passes, what would you do?

To the north was Robert Sheehan, a prominent British international. It sounded like a clean pass, but Sheehan, hoping his partner had an ace, answered four Blackwood singles with no trumps. Then, when her partner bid five diamonds, Sheehan got it right! At first, South was not amused, but note that four spades could have been defeated.

South, after cutting the club’s lead to the model and pulling the trumps, had to play only heart for just two losers. Realizing he couldn’t help but start with one of the model’s honors, South called out the heart two. When East played low, South took a break. It sounded like a guess between fine-tuning the eight (playing East for the nine) and going up with the 10 (playing East for the jack). However, if East had the jack, maybe he would have played it to prevent South from having a singleton 10. So South refined his eight.

When West won with the jack, South claimed his contract, conceding a second crush.

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