Carlos Leyva’s new book “Cuando El Mal Nos Toca” is gripping fantasy fiction about the endless fight between the bringers of light and darkness.

Recent publication “Cuando El Mal Nos Toca” by the author of Page Publishing Carlos Leiva is an action-packed adventure about a man named Raphael who bears the salvation of all mankind on his shoulders.

PORTERVILLE, CA., August 15, 2022 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Carlos Leiva, a promising storyteller, has finished his new book “Cuando El Mal Nos Toca”: a novel that turns the page on the eternal struggle between God’s chosen ones and the forces of darkness. The Devil has created chaos after chaos to cause the Creator to lose His affection for mankind. Carlos is a young boy who was destined to destroy the world. However, a hero named Raphael will do anything to save the world from its impending doom.

Leyva shares, “From times that no longer exist in the memory of man, when someone, who was then the favorite son of God, and who was then called Beautiful Light because he was an Angel of light, humanity and Creation were exposed to the contempt of this beloved Angel of God. This privileged being, by his arrogance and his pride (the worst of sins), rebelled against his Creator, and despised Love, that feeling which gives life and all that is needed Since, and after his humiliating defeat at the hands of the archangel Michael, the humblest of the archangels, and his banishment from heaven, luz bella has sworn to destroy creation, and every chance she gets, she brings man down through deceit and lies, don’t waste the moment, of course man is not completely innocent, because we know well what is good and what is bad, but blaming the devil is very practical because we think that in this way we get rid of our sins and this has happened since biblical times. The Adversary, which is the real name of the Devil, continually tempts us so that the Creator sees that we do not deserve his favor, and this is the reason for the life of Carlos, which since his birth has been the consequence of a series of coincidence disasters caused by the weaknesses of man and the suggestions of the Adversary.

Esmeralda, mother of Carlos, was a victim chosen and planned for several generations to be the one who would give birth to someone who would represent the Adversary here in the world, and who would have supernatural powers to become a very powerful man, but very destroyer for the world. Humanity. Only that Raphael, who has persecuted demons since time immemorial, came into the world to help us.”

Published by Page Publishing, by Carlos Leiva seductive tale is a fascinating experience. It’s a good book that describes how humans ended up doing bad things to survive.

The plot isn’t new but the execution is compelling enough to keep readers going until the last page.

Readers interested in discovering this captivating work can purchase “Cuando El Mal Nos Toca” in bookstores around the world, or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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