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“Between Ties,” a new Latin American sci-fi production, is now available on Disney + and to promote it, the streaming platform has released behind-the-scenes footage featuring the main cast.

To verify:

The cast of # DisneyEntreLaços is perfect and we can prove it. Watch it now, only on #DisneyPlus. (2/2)

– Disney + Brazil (@DisneyPlusBR) November 19, 2021

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Nicolás Silbert and Leandro Mark enter as directors.

Enjoy watching:

Allegra is a 16 year old music lover who dreams of being a great actress and being part of the Eleven O’clock Company, of becoming the protagonist of “Freaky Friday”. She admires her grandmother Cocó, a legend in the world of musical comedy, and has a complicated relationship with her mother Caterina, whom she considers very conformist. Allegra’s life will change completely when she finds a mysterious bracelet hidden in her house, which takes her back to 1994, a time when Caterina was her age and took her first steps in Eleven O’clock while living in the shadows. of Coco, who was at the peak of his career. By learning about her mother and grandmother’s past, Allegra can help them.

Carolina Domenech brings Allegra to life. The cast also includes Elena Roger (Cocó), Benjamín Amadeo (Diego), Paula Morales (Greta), Clara Alonso (Caterina), Kevsho (Félix), Emilia Mernes (Sofía), Simón Hempe (Alan), El Purre (Marco) and others.

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