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DALLAS – Jane Daly has always loved to read. Since the age of four, when she spent time with her grandfather, who always had a book in his hand, and drove him crazy with, “What’s that word?” What is that word?

“I thought, I’m going to write a book,” Daly said.

The desire to write his own book was so ingrained that Daly put it on his bucket list to write one before the age of 60.

Now 65, employed as a banker at Citizens Bank in Salem, Daly once ticked the item off the to-do list when she was 59 with a pair of non-fiction books. The process actually started 11 years ago when she took time off work due to a medical issue and decided it was time to start working on this novel.

This first novel was never published.

But after those non-fiction books, Daly’s is celebrating the release of its first novel, “The Girl in the Cardboard Box” at a booking signing event on July 24 at the Radius Tasting Room in Dallas. She thinks it’s actually the fifth she’s writing overall, which she intends to be typical of new writers.

“You rarely publish the first one you write. It takes time to learn your voice and your art, to learn what you don’t know, ”said Daly. “I am publishing this first book next year. But it has been rewritten, easily, five times in the past 10 years.

Daly, and her husband Mike of 44 years, are transplant recipients from Sacramento who moved to Dallas almost two years ago to be closer to their daughter and grandchildren.

For her first novel, Daly said she didn’t want to fall into the self-publishing trap of taking shortcuts, like not hiring a good editor or joining a good writing review group.

“Many women and men who publish themselves only sell a hundred books, usually to friends and family. And that’s pretty sad, because it’s not a lot of books. But that’s what happens when you shorten the process, really don’t learn the craft, don’t know how to plot a plot, create compelling characters, keep the suspense going, ”Daly said.

“It’s like sitting down at the piano for the first time and saying, I’m going to have a recital in two weeks. It does not work like that. It takes a few years to master the basics, ”she added. “It’s the same with writing. People think, “Anyone can write a book. Yes, but not many people can write a good book.

While Daly enjoys preparing a wide range of genres, like court dramas and female fiction, his own ideas are actually inspired by living dreams. This was the case with “The Girl in the Cardboard Box”. In her dream, a colleague from Sacramento told Daly that she was a foster child because she had been found wandering around this homeless camp and no one knew who her parents were.

“In my dream, I was amazed that she had this story because she was a very accomplished woman,” Daly explained. “I woke up saying, ‘I have to write this story. It totally turned into something I didn’t expect it to be, but I’m really happy with the result. Because it is not really about the girl but about the foster mother who welcomes her.

However, she didn’t expect it to turn out to be the hardest book she’s ever written.

“It was like giving birth to a 12-pound baby,” Daly said.

She explained that the main character, the foster mother, had an abortion in college but now believes that God caused her little girl to be hit by a car and killed in retaliation.

“When my son died 11

years ago I went back to

this place, wondering if he died because I had an abortion when I was 17? And I realized, yeah, that’s not the way God works, ”Daly said. “Writing this story was really painful and I wanted to capture all these emotions that a woman goes through who has an abortion. “

To help her through the process, Daly said she had a great group of critics who helped her find places that needed to be fine-tuned. And she had a “fabulous” editor assigned by Elk Publishing of Michigan, who helped her correct some areas that were overdone, or other sections that could go further.

The novel actually finished it in October and its agent submitted it to six publishers, all of whom rejected it for one reason or another, before it was eventually picked up by Elk Publishing.

“I finally found a publisher who said, ‘Yes! We want that! ‘ It’s super exciting, such a rush to get it, Someone really liked it while writing. Yeah, ”Daly said.

While “The Girl in the Cardboard Box” was already completed before the pandemic, it didn’t hit store shelves until June 21 of this year. She said the isolation has helped her work for most of her next novel, which is only around 10,000 words from the end.

For now, she’s promoting one book at a time, which unknowingly coincided with a small community event – Krazy Dayz.

“I want to make sure people know, even if it’s Krazy Dayz, and I didn’t know that when I scheduled my book launch party, it’s July 24 from 1 to 3 p.m. to Radius, ”Daly said. “There will be drawing, food, books and fun.”

Book signing

Jane Daly’s “Girl in the Cardboard Box”

July 24 1 pm-3pm

Radius Tasting Room, 186-A SE Mill St.

Learn more about https://janesdaly.com

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