Disney may stop using the terms ‘prince’ and ‘princess’

Sorry it’s long but…
Please do all your research!
I haven’t responded to any of these posts so far, as I’ve reviewed all the information I could find, don’t choose what others have selected for you! Go to the Disney website reinvent tomorrow, that’s where the 50% statement came from, look at the rest of the content on this website, this website is for inclusion, it’s not meant to include only LGTBQIA+ people. Unfortunately, the LGTBQIA+ community within Disney seems to be claiming it for themselves! This must stop this was started to include ALL UNDER-REPRESENTED groups, cultural minorities, people with disabilities, people with cognitive delay, those on the autism spectrum, anyone who feels “different”.
From the website:
“We believe that building meaningful connections with our consumers helps drive business growth and sustainability, which is why we deliberately champion a multitude of voices and perspectives.
Our Intentions
Establish standards of inclusion for all Disney General Entertainment content.
By 2022, 50% of regular and recurring characters in Disney General Entertainment scripted content will be from underrepresented groups.
I want to point out that the page with this statement includes an image from Pixar’s “Loop” short film about a girl with autism.
I’m sorry but if I’m in the parks and I see a little girl dressed up as a princess I will always address her as a princess it’s always been a magical time for me and for those little girls to feel special right now!
I’m not saying I’m happy with the direction Disney is taking, they need to stay out of politics! They have a great location in Florida with the Reedy Creek Improvement District referred to as “Special Law of the Florida Legislature” on the Reedy Creek website which has been in effect since 1967 when the first annual meeting was held in May of This year. I’m NOT a lawyer and I don’t understand everything in this document, but I heard that Governor DeSantis is considering calling this off (no, I don’t know if that’s even possible, but watch your back).
Finally, please read Florida House Bill 1557 from the beginning! It is not easy to find the complete “law”. Again, I’m NOT a lawyer and I don’t claim to understand all of this, but as a common-sense adult, it seems reasonable to me that if a child (regardless of age) begins to wonder how he feels, whether it is depression, anxiety, sexual orientation, eating disorders,… the first person to be informed should be the PARENT, no matter if the parents are a single parent, 2 women, 2 men, or a man and a woman. When a ‘health lesson’ is offered to children, parents should also have a say in how much information they want their child to receive, they are in the best position to know their child’s mental capacity to manage information. Some children have unknown deficits in understanding social information!
For those of you who say this opens the child up to abuse in the home, let me quote the law, under section 2 “This paragraph does not prohibit a school district from adopting procedures permitting school personnel not to disclose such information to a parent if a reasonably prudent person would believe that disclosure would result in abuse, neglect, or neglect, as those terms are defined in Article 39.01.” To those who believe that this also opens teachers up to legal action for saying the wrong thing… section #7 states that the school has 7 days after a report from a parent to resolve the issue and within 30 days if the issue is not resolved the school is to provide a “statement of why the issue is not resolved” To me this basically means the school must do their due diligence to ensure that parents’ concerns are addressed into account, isn’t that what we all want is to be heard?
Well that was not all! I would like information if anyone knows of another handicap accessible/family friendly vacation spot for a 20 year old who likes a quick but not over the top ride (not as intense as Hollywood studios). We will need easily accessible transport as it is wheelchair accessible. vehicle rentals are RIDICULUS.

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