Djokovic overcomes Kyrgios threat to lift his seventh Wimbledon

The Serb wins his fourth consecutive title in London and the 21st “Grand Slam”


Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic beat Australian Nick Kyrgios (4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (3)) in the final of the Wimbledon tournament on Sunday, the third “Grand Slam” of the season. , in an intense match that Belgrade won to claim their fourth title in a row and seventh overall in London.

The favorite complied on English grass against a Kyrgios who was playing his first final of a “big”, to add his 21st “Grand Slam”, beating Roger Federer and that of Rafa Nadal in the race of the best of the story. The final was a duel of contrasts that left no one indifferent. Djokovic was expected to put out the best version of himself against a rival he had so far failed to overcome, with two defeats in Indian Wells and Acapulco, both in 2017.

Kyrgios, despite not making the semi-final due to Spaniard Rafa Nadal resigning due to injury, put the former world number one on the ropes in the first round. The Australian, uncompromising in service, was comfortable on the century-old ‘Centre Court’, surprising a hesitant Djokovic on the first point of the match with a double fault.

The Serbian, more serious in his style than his rival, yielded in the fifth game (2-3) to give the advantage to the 13th in the ATP rankings, who confirmed the break to consider the only ‘break’ as good and go forward. on the scoreboard with the first set (4-6).

Djokovic was back to his best form after the initial setback and increased the pace to neutralize the Aussie’s service fest. His aggressiveness against the rest allowed him to return a goalless “break” to take the set unopposed and numerous unforced errors from his rival.

The tie prevailed in the third round, but the first seed completely unbalanced the histrionic Kyrgios by moving him to the side of the track. Still, the Aussie held on, putting the title favorite in trouble with an impressive 18 aces from him. The Serb didn’t get into the usual Nick show, with his complaints to the chair umpire between games to be overcome by the minimum.

As Cathedral demanded more, Kyrgios put the moans and screams behind him in the opening games of the fourth set to bring out his best tennis. Thus, throwing integers with his service and his comfort at the net, he arrived with a maximum of equality at the ‘tie break’.

The Aussie died on the shore in that tie-break, paying the pressure against a more accurate Djokovic at the decisive moment. The Serb walked straight towards his rebirth on the London lawn, which he chewed as usual, after his seventh title. Moment of enjoyment, to add to the list of ‘greats’, knowing that his participation in the US Open is in doubt for not being vaccinated against the coronavirus.

That of Belgrade, which began 2022 with the nightmare and deportation to Australia, is once again savoring the glory, truncated by Nadal at Roland-Garros last month. Wimbledon brings back the best Djokovic, with his seventh title, to one of the records of a Federer which he surpasses in the ‘Grand Slam’ by cutting with the Spaniard.

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