Don’t confuse Steve Bisciotti’s silence with indifference with crows

OWINGS MILLS, Md, – Steve Bisciotti is a wise man who made brilliant decisions in his life to become a self-made millionaire.

As owner of the Ravens, he retired publicly, rarely speaking about the team.

That doesn’t mean Bisciotti isn’t fully committed.

Bisciotti addressed a small contingent of media this week at owners’ meetings and he was as candid as ever.

He has his hands fully on the Ravens’ pulse and he doesn’t plan on letting go any time soon.

Bisciotti doesn’t have much of a filter and questioned the Cleveland Browns’ strategy of handing Deshaun Watson a fully guaranteed five-year, $230 million deal despite his legal woes and not playing at all last season .

“For me, this is something revolutionary, and it will make negotiations more difficult with others,” Bisciotti said. “But that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to play this game, you know? We’ll see.”

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Few other owners would be brave enough to make such a statement, but behind closed doors they likely praised Bisciotti for also saying what was on their mind.

Bisciotti too. a grounded assessment of the Ravens’ 2021 season that has been completely hampered by injuries and several key starters for parts or the entire season.

“I was emotionally good with it because I didn’t necessarily think we necessarily deserved to be 8-3. I thought we were very lucky,” he said. “I didn’t really have high hopes of a playoff run when you’re so exhausted.”

Biscotti also gave John Harbaugh a three-year extension, which makes sense because he was one of the NFL’s most successful coaches during his tenure. Bisciotti also knew a decision had to be made this offseason.

“No interest in him doing a lame duck on me here,” he said. “It’s not fair to him. I think John has grown and grown and grown. It’s quite interesting. I don’t feel like I’m recruiting the same guy.”

Bisciotti didn’t shy away from talking about quarterback Lamar Jackson, who is up for a record deal. While he lets General Manager Eric DeCosta handle the negotiations, he is fully committed to the scope of the talks.

For now, he’ll sit and watch Jackson play.


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