Emmerdale Spoilers: Cain Dingle Makes Shocking Decision Over His Mother Faith’s Death

WHILE his sister Chas is beside herself, Cain Dingle remains seemingly indifferent to Faith’s cancer.

But the Emmerdale tough guy softens up next week and gradually changes his mind.


Cain’s relationship with Faith has been strained for months1 credit
But Moira tries to convince him to reach out


But Moira tries to convince him to reach out1 credit
Moira is heartbroken to see Faith's cancer not pushing Cain to redeem himself


Moira is heartbroken to see Faith’s cancer not pushing Cain to redeem himself1 credit

Soap fans know all too well how strained Cain’s (played by Jeff Hordley) relationship with his mother Faith (Sally Dexter) has been, despite his many attempts to bridge a gap.

He showed no change in his behavior after Faith announced she was battling cancer again at an explosive birthday party at the Woolpack.

Cain’s loved ones, including his sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and his wife Moira (Natalie J. Robb) are increasingly desperate to make amends with Faith – and time is running out.

Next week, Faith is due for a CT scan and Moira encourages Cain to go with her but, instead, he chooses to have a drink at the pub, infuriating Chas who catches him in the act.

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Faith attends her date without her son’s support and Moira’s heart breaks for her, realizing that Cain failed to intervene.

The farmer begs him to change and be there for Faith.

Cain finally seems to get the memo when, the next day, there’s a slight thaw from him.

He hands Faith a card from his four-year-old son Isaac, and later endeavors to talk to her.

Moira is happy to see them talking but Cain’s efforts aren’t convincing enough for Chas.

The Woolpack bar manager is later devastated when she finds out her mother’s cancer has spread during an oncology appointment she attends with Faith.

As her days are clearly limited, Chas hopes that Faith will decide to continue her chemotherapy treatment, but her mother remains firm in her decision to accept her fate and completely refuses chemo.

Overwhelmed and instead of going to see Al Chapman to forget her problems, Chas becomes inflamed by Cain’s apparent indifference to Faith’s decision to stop her treatment.

She is unaware that Cain is keeping his feelings for him, reeling from the news as he is in a field.


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In later scenes, Cain unexpectedly asks Chas for a private chat, and the siblings share a poignant conversation.

Alone with his sister, Cain shares his traumatic memories of the past and the damage Faith has inflicted on him.

But as they bond, Cain realizes it’s time to put an end to the past and agrees to make an effort with Faith.

Meanwhile, Faith reveals to her friends Brenda and Pollard that she will no longer be receiving chemotherapy.

The three friends stay up late and Faith thinks about all her regrets concerning Cain.

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Can mother and son be reconciled before it’s too late?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.

Chas is frustrated with Cain's apparent indifference.


Chas is frustrated with Cain’s apparent indifference.1 credit
But he ends up agreeing to make an effort


But he ends up agreeing to make an effort1 credit

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