Exclusivity: the creative director of Max Mara on his spring / summer 2022 collection


Coming out of a hidden room, Italian Vittoria Ceretti comes out with a look Griffiths describes as a “bad girl.” Inspired by the life and work of the rhythm generation intellectual Françoise Sagan, Max Mara explores the dichotomy between hedonism, freedom and existentialism, presenting a form of “rebellious bourgeois” for the coming season.

In an exclusive interview, we caught up with Creative Director Ian Griffiths to discuss the series, woman Max Mara, and Rebellion Against the Norm.

“There is no doubt that because of the world in which the woman Max Mara lives, she is part of the bourgeoisie, but she always opposes it every season. Especially since the pandemic we want to do things our way and I wanted to show it. More than ever, she expresses her rebellious side “, Ian tells us.

This season, Max Mara dissects “sophisticated philosophers and savvy novelists” for their resort clothing offering. It’s beatnik chic and totally unconventional. Speaking about the collection’s provocative and individualistic perspective, Griffiths comments, “I wanted to conjure up a ‘bad girl’ look, one that’s created by a woman who wants everything on her own terms while ignoring the conventions that she is. feels archaic or outdated. She is a woman who has something to say and who accepts no compromise.


This was best evidenced by the sturdy work jackets, short skirts and chunky flat-soled shoes, “almost a sandal style of a brothel creeper” that are reimagined with ready-to-wear finesse. .

We took Griffiths fixation a bit more with Françoise Sagan, with many workwear classics seen in the collection a direct translation of her own personal style. So what does Griffiths think Sagan would be drawn to the collection?

” That’s a very good question ! I would like to think she would wear the latest look, which was shown on Gigi Hadid. An oversized denim jacket with an almost couture spirit, and underneath a small skinny with a bandeau top and a mini skirt in boxfresh denim.


Other looks include oversized boyfriend style shirts, utility jeans and vintage striped tops.

“The collection refers to vacations and the beach, when I think of summer, I think of the summers of my childhood. One thing that automatically brings me a feeling of nostalgic joy are umbrellas, windbreaks and lounge chairs. The choice of those from the collection is linked to a good personal memory for me, but also for many others.


So why put on the show at a university?

“The other important message about the collection is the intellectual framework behind it. I wanted to make a statement about the Max Mara woman with a brain, there is a cerebral element in every collection. The women who study here are also the future managers of industry all over the world – I wanted to open a dialogue with them.

Overall, the collection evoked an almost awe-inspiring cinematic vibe, with Griffiths himself making an “appearance” as a male singer in the soundscape. These clothes are something we would see in European classics, including Hello Sadness and The talented Mr. Ripley.

We look forward to our sunny, stylish stay at Max Mara amid secluded beaches, fast cars, fancy restaurants and casinos.

The Max Mara Spring / Summer 2022 collection can be seen at Max Mara Australia and below.

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