Fans Angry After ‘Selena: The Series’ Writers Say Netflix Disrespects Them


Fans disappointed with the production of “Selena: The Series” now have another reason to hold their grudge against the series.

A new Los Angeles Times report reveals that a number of writers and various staff on the Netflix show have said they have not been respected by the streaming service – and it all starts with the show’s budget.

Each episode had a budget of less than $ 2 million, even though it was a period drama that required specific costumes, makeup, and sets. For comparison, each episode of “The Crown” costs $ 13 million. The Writers Guild of America has established rules for minimum writers’ pay rates for streaming series, rules based on episode length, number of platform subscribers, and episode budget.

“I feel like our work has been belittled from the start. We were never given a fair chance ”, said Gladys Rodriguez, co-executive producer, in an interview with The Times. “Representation is what we want, but it goes beyond – we want to be treated equally. “

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While fans were enthused when the series was first announced in 2019, that urge to see the Queen of Tejano portrayed by the world’s largest streaming service quickly turned cold – and only grew colder. with the writers who shared their experiences.

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Christian Serratos played the role of the late singer Tejano in the Netflix series.


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