Gale Galligan’s new all-ages graphic novel to be released in October


Scholastic Books will publish freestyle of New York Times bestselling author Gale Galligan, a fun and high-energy graphic novel about friendship, family, and last hurrays from college. Cory’s dance team is getting ready for a big competition. It’s the last before they graduate from eighth grade and go their separate ways in New York high schools, so they have to make it count!

“Freestyle” cover courtesy of Scholastic Books.

The group begins to run into trouble as their crew captain becomes increasingly intense in nailing the routine, and things go from bad to worse when Cory’s parents chastise him for not taking his notes seriously. He finds himself stuck with a new tutor, Sunna, who he considers a boring nerd…until he catches her secretly practicing some cool yo-yo tricks. Cory wants to learn the art of yo-yoing, and as his friendship with Sunna grows, he ends up missing practice and bailing out his crew – and they aren’t happy about it.

With increasing pressure from all sides, how is Cory supposed to balance the expectations of his parents, school, dance, and his new friend?

freestyle has already garnered Kirkus praise in its star-studded review: “The cartoonish instincts on display are superb, always leaving room for setting, emotion, movement and color for great visual variety…This inviting and heartfelt will immerse readers in the rhythm of self-expression and lasting friendships.”

Gale Galligan, creator of “Freestyle”, author photo courtesy of Scholastic Books

Gale Galligan is the creator of New York Times bestselling Babysitters Club graphic novel adaptations of Dawn and the Impossible Three, Kristy’s big day, crazy boy staceyand Logan loves Mary Anne! by Ann M. Martin. Gale was featured in The Claudia Kishi Club, a documentary currently streaming on Netflix. When they’re not making comics, Gale enjoys knitting, reading and spending time with his family and adorable pet bunnies. They live in Pearl River, New York. Visit them online at

freestyle will be released on October 18 for $12.99.

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