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Baku, March 29, AZERTAC

There are a large number of monuments on the territory of the former Azerbaijani land of Karabakh, which includes monasteries and temples, churches and mosques, a fortress, caravanserais, bridges, baths and houses.

The Ganjasar Monastery complex is one of the most important monuments of Caucasian Albania located in the territory of Karabakh.

The architecture of the monastery is a composition of crossed cupolas. Its sources date back to the 7th-11th centuries.

There are two extended rooms with semicircular apse between them in the corner of the building. In the lower corners of the building are the choirs. The temple drum is round inside and it is made up of eight pairs of slender half-columns with crossed hanging arches. The decoration of the drum has a meaning, which is made of sculptural images. The stalactite vault architecture which relies on the multi-tiered stalactite compound system is the main compositional body of the narthex.

It is known that Armenian scientists-falsifiers are trying in every possible way to prove that Caucasian Albania and all its architecture belong to historical Armenia.

The architectural planning and construction methods of the monuments of Caucasus Albania differ a lot from the architectural monuments of Armenia. Azerbaijani Albanian architects had their own distinct methods of architectural planning and construction.

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