German Non-Fiction Prize to Offer NFTs with Creatokia Marketplace

In a pilot program with Bookwire’s Creatokia, the Börsenverein is offering NFTs linked to the German Nonfiction Prize.

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By Porter Anderson, Editor | @Porter_Anderson

“Literature and the ‘metaverse’ go together”

AAs you may remember, the German Bookwire presented on March 29 its new Creatokia platform to many in a program called “All About Blockchain”. Creatokia is the company’s new marketplace for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

Today (May 16), the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandelsthe German Association of Publishers and Booksellers, announced that the German Non-Fiction Prize has entered a pilot program with Creatokia to offer the previous year’s winner and four titles nominated as NFTs, starting from the May 23.

“On May 30”, says the Börsenverein’s information message, “this year’s prize will be awarded not only during the Humboldt Forum in Berlin Castle (Humboldt Forum at the Berlin Palace) but also in a virtual space.

“The digital certificate for the best non-fiction book of the year will be registered on a blockchain.

“With Creatokia…the German NonFiction Prize allows publishers to try out the technology around non-fungible tokens. For starters, four of the non-fiction books nominated for this year’s prize, along with the winning title of 2021″—Hegel’s world (Rowohlt, Aug 17, 2020) – “already exist in special digital editions as NFT now”.

John Ruhrmann

In a prepared statement, Bookwire and Creatokia co-founding CEO John Ruhrmann is quoted, saying, “At Creatokia, we bet on the idea that literature and the ‘metaverse’ go hand in hand. Or, in other words, in reality, literature is already a full-fledged metaverse.

“This representative project now opens a bridge for authors, readers and publishers… connecting these worlds.

“I was an enthusiastic reader of last year’s winning novel, Hegels welt by Jürgen Kaube.

“It’s something special and certainly a milestone in blockchain technology in the publishing industry, documented by the award. It’s great that the German Nonfiction Prize has embarked on this collaboration.

Anne-Mette Noack

And at the Börsenverein, Anne-Mette Noack, Head of Marketing and Cultural Projects, says: “The German Non-Fiction Prize aims to help us better understand the times in which we live.

“The impetus for this comes not only from the nominated non-fiction books themselves, but also from our desire as organizers to explore new forms and technologies.

“The field of NFTs was and remains largely uncharted territory for us and for participating publishers, and we are curious to see how the use of blockchain technology in the book and literature industry develops. what we would like to set in motion and discover through this pilot project with Creatokia”

Here are the works listed as being available as NFTs:

  • Alice Bota: Die Frauen von Belarus: Von Revolution, Mut und dem Drang nach Freiheit [The Women of Belarus: On Revolution, Courage and the Yearning for Freedom] (BerlinVerlag)
  • Stephane Creuzberger: Das deutsch-russische Jahrhundert. Geschichte einer besonderen Beziehung [The German-Russian Century. History of a Special Relationship] (Rowohlt Verlag)
  • Samira El Ouassil & Friedemann Karig: Erzahlende Affen. Mythen, Lügen, Utopien—wie Geschichten unser Leben bestimmen [Narrating Monkeys: Myths, Lies, Utopias—How Stories Determine Our Lives] (Ullstein Verlag)
  • Stephan Malinowski: Die Hohenzollern und die Nazis: Geschichte einer Kollaboration [The Hohenzollern and the Nazis: History of a Collaboration] (Propylaen Verlag)
  • Jurgen Kaube: Hegels welt [Hegel’s World] (Rowohlt Berlin) named first non-fiction book of the program of the year 2021

Interested readers can consult the special editions in a digital showroom now and, starting May 23, can acquire the NFTs through a microsite using tokens or euros. From this date, for a period of one week, until shortly before the announcement of the Non-Fiction Book of the Year on May 30, 10 special limited editions of the Non-Fiction Book Award of each of these titles will be available for purchase.

These digital originals include the title ebook with fitted cover, digital signature, and jury statement, plus at least one other digital content chosen by the publisher.

Among all the buyers of these NFTs, the German Nonfiction Prize will draw a name to receive an invitation for two to the award ceremony in 2023.

In addition to the award ceremony in Berlin, the German non-fiction prize will be digitized as a digital certificate through its registration on a blockchain, in a unique and non-reproducible form, for the winner.

This is the 92nd awards report from Publishing Perspectives published within 95 days of the start of our 2022 operations on January 3.

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