Great light novels with female leads

As light novels become more accessible in the West, there are more genres available to readers than ever before. From action-adventure to villain reincarnation, Isekai fans are spoiled for choice.

Luckily, it also means readers have more female-led stories to choose from. While female-led light novels have been around for a while, these stories have only recently become popular in the West. From classic shojo romance to the reincarnation of the villainous Isekai, there’s a surprisingly wide variety of content for fans to check out. Likewise, the leading ladies in these stories have personalities that range from classic tragic heroines to aloof airheads. Here are some amazing series currently available in English.

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Pretty Boy Detective Club is a fun and entertaining series from Campy Mystery

Written by Nisioisin — known for his hit series BakemonogatariPretty Boy Detective Club is best described as a cross between Ouran High School Host Club and CLAMP School Detectives. The eponymous “Pretty Boy Detective Club” consists of ridiculously attractive middle schoolers and their elementary school leader.

Nagahiro, the student council president, Sosaku, a prodigious artist, Hyouta, a running star, Michiru, an infamous delinquent with a hidden heart of gold, and their eccentric founder, Manabu. The series follows Mayumi Doujima – a shy and seemingly mean young girl as she befriends these boys and becomes embroiled in club activities. Together, they solve a variety of mysteries around their school, while making sure they never stop looking good.

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My Happy Marriage puts a spin on the Cinderella formula

my happy marriage follows Miyo Saimori, the only member of her noble family to do not to be born with special powers. For this reason, she is quickly shunned by her family, and like any classic Cinderella story, is forced into a life of servitude by her stepmother.

Her hopes of one day escaping her abusive home life through marriage are quickly dashed when she learns the identity of her fiancé: Kiyoka Kudou, a commander who is said to be so cold and insensitive that women he had previously sworn to marry all voluntarily broke off their engagement. with him a few days before their wedding. But, as Miyo begins to find out more about her future husband, he turns out to be much nicer than rumors claim.

My Next Life as a Villainess Sets the Standard for Isekai’s Villainess Stories

As the first of its kind to receive an anime adaptation, My next life as a villain is considered by many to be one of the best representations of the reincarnated female villainess subgenre within Isekai. It follows Katarina Claes, the designated villain of a popular otome game who is doomed to meet a bad end – that is, if she continues to behave as the game expects.

In truth, Katarina is actually a normal teenager who reincarnated as Katarina, with almost all of her memories from her previous life intact. Armed with memories of the game’s original story and a seemingly endless charisma, Katarina navigates her new life avoiding all possible bad endings by unknowingly charming her way into everyone’s hearts.

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The Rise of a Bookworm Follows a Passionate Librarian

Ancestry of a bookworm is yet another Isekai series following the “reincarnated in another world” formula. The story follows five-year-old Myne, who in her previous life worked as a librarian with an undying love for books. Unfortunately for her, she was reincarnated in a time when paper was still a scarce commodity and only the incredibly wealthy could have access to books. Moreover, she is reborn in the body of a sick child. This didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion for books, and eventually rolled up her sleeves, deciding that the best way to achieve her goal was to accomplish everything on her own.

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I swear I won’t bother you again! Introduces a new type of villain story

I swear I won’t bother you again! is a rather interesting take on the villainess subgenre. This is not a reincarnation story, nor an Isekai. Instead, it’s a time travel story in which the rather unfortunate heroine, Violette, is given the opportunity to travel back in time to correct her past mistakes and avoid a bad ending of her own making. In doing so, she is able to repair not only her relationship with her half-sister, but also the prince she has dreamed of since her freshman year of high school. However, all Violette really wants to do is settle down in a nice church and spend the rest of her days doing household chores as a simple nun.

Ancestry of a Bookworm Myne Shield

The rise of a bookworm isn’t just about books anymore – is that a good thing?

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