Hailey Piper’s Bram Stoker Award-winning horror novel A LIGHT MOST HATEFUL adapted for film

A very odious lightthe next horror novel from award winner Bram Stoker Hailey Piper gets a film adaptation, Deadline communicated exclusively today.

Tony Eldridge of Lonetree Entertainment (producer of The equalizer films) has opted for the film rights to Piper’s upcoming novel, which will join her impressive bibliography, alongside 2021 winner Bram Stoker tooth queen, The worm and its kings, Your mind is a terrible thing, Unfortunate parts of my anatomy, Benny Rose the cannibal king, The Possession of Natalie Glasgow and No gods for drowning.

According to Deadline, Titan Books’ next novel;

is presented as a terrifying survival horror full of haunting friendships in which the female experience becomes monstrous. The story centers on Olivia, who ran away from home three years prior and is stuck in a nowhere job in Chapel Hill, Pennsylvania with her best friend Sunflower. That is until a nighttime storm hits the city with a mind-blowing monster in tow. If Olivia is to survive the night to ever reconcile with her parents, she must dodge the residents enslaved by the storm’s otherworldly powers and find Sunflower. But as the night strains friendships and reality itself, Olivia suspects the storm and its monster might have more to do with Sunflower than anything else.

Eldridge describes A very odious light as “edgy and scary as hell” in addition to describing Piper as “one of the most unique and imaginative voices in contemporary horror.”

The news of A very odious light is the latest exciting development in the world of adapting horror fiction to film this year, following the announcement of M.Night Shyamalan’s A shot at the cabin (from the novel The cabin at the end of the world by Paul Tremblay, winner of the Bram Stoker Award) and the success of Scott Derrickson’s adaptation of Joe Hill The black phone.

The details of A very odious light including cast and release date are still unknown, so be sure to check out Hailey’s website for the latest updates!

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