“How did this guy play for India?” – Dermott Reave talks about his first impression of Rahul Dravid


During Dravid’s stint in Kent County, Reave attempted to get under the Indian drummer’s skin.

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 16: Rahul Dravid celebrates after reaching the winning run. (Photo by Tony Lewis / Getty Images)

Former England all-rounder Dermott Reave has descended into the past until he managed to ruffle Rahul Dravid when the latter was in England for his stint in Kent County. Known as “the wall” of Indian cricket, Dravid struggled to make a name for himself as he was still under scanner for playing at indifferent hit rates in Test and ODI cricket.

Although he started his career in 1996 with a sparkling 95 in his debut, it took Dravid four years to establish himself in India’s middle order. Reave, who played three tests and 29 ODIs from 1992 to 1996, revealed that Dravid admitted to being a little pissed off by the sled.

“He was the wall of India. He said to me: ‘You are the only person who broke this wall. You gave me so many sticks, I ended up chasing one and got caught. You are the only person who has ever touched me, ”Reave told the Daily Mail.

He ain’t got no shots, says Dermott Reave

At the time, Reave was the coach of the Somerset cricket team and he came on as a backup outfielder. Afterward, he continued to try to disrupt Dravid’s focus in the middle. Reave was also surprised by Dravid’s inclusion in the Indian team as he felt the batter didn’t have adequate shots in his book.

“How did this guy play for India?” He must have had family on the selection committee. He has no shots. He just blocks it. I continued on and on. And he went out. Things like that made me really hated. But I wasn’t there to make friends. We were there to win games, ”he said.

Besides Dravid, Reave also talked about Brian lara, the legendary West Indian cricketer. The duo performed together for Warwickshire in 1994 and they didn’t quite share the greatest camaraderie.

“Despite three trophies won, it was perhaps the most unpleasant season I have ever known. The energy between me and Lara hasn’t been good all season. I think his agent told him I didn’t want him, so he came in with a chip on his shoulder, ”Reave added.

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