How Edison’s “Dying Breath” Story Inspired a Novel!

Inspired by the story of Thomas Edison’s “last breath”, American author Monica Bhide has embarked on a mystical journey, transcending time and space to write her new novel “The Soul Catcher”.

Legend has it that Henry Ford asked Edison’s son to catch his father’s last breath in a test tube, which is now on display at the Henry Ford Museum.

This idea that the breath of life can be captured and shared with those who need it most inspired Bhide to write her book, which is set in real, yet magical, modern India.

”I researched this book for over five years before writing it. There was so much to think about – first I wrote it as a novel, then as a collection of short stories, then I gave it all up and started again! In the end, it’s a novel told in stories – like a mosaic or a puzzle that fits together,” she says.

Bhide, who started out writing food anthologies, says the past few years have been a source of great turmoil as she battled huge medical issues in the family, divorce, financial stress and of course, the pandemic. .

”I realized that what comforted me were the words. Words that others had written during times of great turmoil. And some were not written during times of trouble. But all those words gave me great relief during a heartbreaking time,” she says.

In 2014, Bhide wrote a collection of stories called ‘The Devil in Us’. ”The Soul Catcher” is one of the stories featured in this collection.

”He got a lot of attention. So, I decided at some point that I had to write a novel about the main character, Yamini,” she says.

”The Soul Catcher” also highlights the darker side of people and relationships.

“There’s always a dark side in all of us. Some of the characters in the book are selfish, arrogant, well-meaning but mean. These are all human shades – I believe we all have shades of all different characteristics and depending on our environment, upbringing and nature, different parts of us shine in different circumstances,” the author says.

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