How to Read the ‘Outlander’ Book Series in Order

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Foreigner fans have had a lot to celebrate recently – the fantasy romance tale’s return in its sixth season on Starz, an all-new retelling of the latest tale from series writer Diana Gabaldon, Go tell the bees I’m goneand news that a new prequel series is on the way.

There has never been a better time to delve into the vast literary universe that makes up the Foreigner series either. Gabaldon confirmed earlier this year that she is get to work on the tenthlikely final, episode of the main series of the book. If you’re a fan of the Starz show but haven’t picked up one of the Foreigner books, you may be surprised to learn that there are more than one dozen published pieces that make up the world of science fiction historical fiction tale. Canonically, however, there is a collection of main novels featuring series mainstays Jamie and Claire Fraser – nine in total. As these novels are designed to be consumed on their own, many series fans have only read this collection of novels that inspired the Foreigner series as we know it.

But Gabaldon has published other novels and shorter novels outside of this collection, which hardcore fans will likely want to consume as well. They are mostly about Lord John Grey, and the four existing novels can be read after completing the main series. The author says those who are starting to read the main series again may want to incorporate these shorter Lord Gray stories into their programming. These shorter tales can “be read on their own, without reference to each other or to [main series] — if you’re in the mood for a light literary snack,” Gabaldon shares on its official website.

While we recap each of the main series novels in our guide to Foreigner books below, here’s how you can consume all of Gabaldon’s offerings in tight chronological order:

  1. virginsa news
  2. Foreigner
  3. The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel, a sequel to the first novel
  4. Dragonfly in Amber
  5. A fugitive greennews from Seven Stones to Stand or Fall
  6. Traveler
  7. The Lord John Serieswhich includes portions of Seven Stones to Stand or Fall, Lord John and the Hand of Demons, Lord John and the Private Affair, Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade and The Scottish Prisoner, among others.
  8. Autumn Drums
  9. The fiery cross
  10. A breath of snow and ashes
  11. An echo in the bone
  12. The space betweena news
  13. Written in the blood of my own heart
  14. A leaf on the wind of All Saints, which takes place in the novel above
  15. Go tell the bees I’m gone

    Not sure if you’re up for 15 different tales? Here is a summary of the essentials Foreigner books in the series, with snippets of what happens in each adventure.

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    First novel “Outlander”


    We are first introduced to Claire Randall, the show’s rising heroine, as she reunites with her new husband after treating wounded soldiers during World War II. It’s 1945 when Claire and her husband go on their honeymoon and travel through the British Isles, only to find themselves instantly transported to 18th century Scotland amidst strife. Navigating the conflict between Scottish clans in 1743, this novel also explores how Claire first meets Jamie Fraser.

    Second novel “Outlander”

    Dragonfly in amber: a novel

    The second entry into the Foreigner The series takes readers back to Claire’s current reality, where she found herself in the mid-1940s. Gabaldon takes readers on a simultaneous adventure to the 1700s through the streets of Paris, where Claire and Jamie work together to avoid the worst the Jacobite risings.

    Third novel “Outlander”

    Traveling: a novel

    Claire now faces a personal impasse as she must choose between returning to Jamie centuries ago and her husband and daughter in her own time. Just when she finally finds a balance between the two worlds, Claire’s reunion with Jamie is cut short because they have become the target of pirates. Witnessing the kidnapping of Jamie’s nephew, the couple set out across the big blue to save their family. This novel is a direct prequel to the Lord John of Gabaldon series.

    Fourth Novel “Outlander”

    The Drums of Autumn: A Novel

    Readers spend time following Jamie and Claire’s previously mysterious daughter, Brianna, as she stumbles upon a shocking discovery that leads her to the same stone circle that started the entire series. Brianna risks her life to reunite with her mother and father she’s never met – and ends up playing a role in saving Jamie and Claire from yet another misfortune, as the pair build a life for themselves in the New World.

    Fifth Novel “Outlander”

    The Cross of Fire: a novel

    In the decade before the American Revolution, we find clairvoyants Claire and Jamie firmly established in the mountains of North Carolina, an area experiencing its own little revolution. With uprisings leading to violent territorial behavior among the province’s residents, Jamie and Claire once again fight to protect the community they established at Fraser’s Ridge before the fledgling nation rebels.

    Sixth novel “Outlander”

    A breath of snow and ashes

    Picking up on what many readers consider a cliffhanger in the earlier novel, Claire faces new challenges related to her medical prowess, as members of her own community begin to speculate about her knowledge (spoiler: they accuse her of sorcery!). Jamie faces a personal impasse over his values ​​and his ties to Britain as the American Revolution begins to catch fire among other loyalists.

    Seventh novel “Outlander”

    An Echo in the Bone: A Novel

    Written in a style that most closely resembles Gabaldon’s shorter short stories, this entry in the main Foreigner The series tells how the cast of characters fared during the Revolutionary War. Readers will jump from story to story, following Jamie and Claire, Lord John, supporting characters Roger, Brianna and Ian, all facing conflict in America, England, Scotland and Canada at different times.

    Eighth Novel “Outlander”

    Written in the Blood of My Own Heart: A Novel

    Diehard fans remember this entry from Foreigner have many historical references that align with major events of the American Revolution, from Valley Forge to the Battle of Monmouth. Jamie returns from what readers probably assumed was a painful death to find that Claire was married off to her best friend in her absence. There are a mountain of other personal conflicts in this entry, including a narrative that lets readers get to know nephew Ian in detail.

    Ninth novel “Outlander”

    Go Tell the Bees I’m Gone: A Novel

    Recently released, this novel takes place in 1779, a few years before the inevitable end of the American Revolution. Jamie and Claire have reunited and are safe at Fraser’s Ridge, and readers will be delighted to see Brianna and her husband, Roger, living with their parents again. As Claire continues to predict the war raging around them, she realizes that having her entire family under one roof may end up being riskier than anyone could have guessed.

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