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Our hospitals, churches, businesses and children are all facing the costly assault of the conformist movement in Idaho. I am grateful to the excellent nurses, doctors and other staff at St. Luke’s who have done an incredible job helping us bring Ruby into this world. They were great people.

After many private conversations with different nurses during our recent hospital stay, I left with a unique perspective. Many nurses have told me that they believe the hospital does not require them to undergo experimental medical treatment as a prerequisite for their employment.

Some had long experience and a long career, but their loyalty is now being rewarded by telling them to shut up and get the medical treatment they are asked for. It is heartbreaking and it is morally wrong.

Sadly, our leaders in Idaho and America today celebrate mass conformity, and any question from us, the common people, is looked down upon as ignorant. But conformity and conscience do not go hand in hand.

Forcing others to undergo medical treatment to satisfy your need for control is immoral. Clear and simple.

The legislator MUST act immediately. About 100,000 Idaho residents work for 10 employers statewide.

St. Lukes and St. Al’s collectively have about 20,000 (excluding contractors). When your total workforce is around 750,000 people, it is clear that this is a huge problem.

It appears that there are currently two options on the table. I would like to offer a third. The first option (typical of weak leadership) is to raise your hand and say “anyone who doesn’t like this can just get a new job.” The second option has a certain measure of humanity and morality, which is to make it illegal for any employer to force an employee to undergo experimental medical treatment.

Here is one avenue that the legislature might see as a workaround to current barriers in state government: Pass a law making employers legally responsible for ALL adverse effects resulting from ANY medical treatment required for the job.

Let’s see how much confidence employers have in prescribed treatments. Are you so sure you are ready to bet your earnings on it? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

I pray that the staff stand firm against this. I’ll let you in on a little secret, hospitals are already facing staff shortages.

Hold on tight and watch them fold like a cheap costume.

Ed Humphreys, R-Eagle, is a Republican candidate for governor of Idaho in the 2022 election. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the Independent Company.

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