Illegal billboards block view of traffic in Faridabad: The Tribune India

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Illegal billboards block view of traffic

With thousands of advertisements in the form of posters, billboards and billboards displayed in public places, it is a kind of threat and silence or inaction on the part of the district or municipal authorities has rendered the most acute and serious problem in this industrial city. On the one hand, the placement of billboards and advertisements at possible locations became a competition, on the other hand, the authorities failed to stem the threat, which led to the degradation of public properties. and has posed a risk to commuters as these illegal advertisements block the view of the road which can lead to accidents especially at night. Ajay Chaudhary, Faridabad

Threat of stray animals in Kurukshetra

Residents of Kurukshetra are highly harassed due to the inability of municipal authorities to control the threat of monkeys in residential areas. Troops of monkeys can be seen entering homes and destroying anything they come across. Recently, they damaged water tanks in many houses in Rajinder Nagar, causing heavy financial loss to residents. Apart from that, stray dogs and cattle are commonplace on any roads or streets in the city. MC officials, advisers and the legislator seem totally helpless and indifferent to the problem. The intervention of the deputy commissioner is necessary. DS Sandhu, Kurukshetra

Residents facing the parking crisis

There is a severe shortage of parking spaces in the town of Rohtak. Residents find it very difficult to park their vehicles, especially cars, in markets and office complexes, etc. A stretch of road between the local mini-secretariat and the judicial complex has been turned into a parking lot, which hinders commuters. Local government and municipal authorities should create adequate parking spaces in the city. Rachna, Rohtak

The rain exposes the preparation

A short period of heavy rains in the town of Panchkula revealed the failure of the storm water drainage system. The city is waterlogged every year, exposing its lack of preparedness. Several lower localities remain flooded. This inconvenienced residents of Sector 19, where water entered their homes, damaging furniture. Vidya Sagar Garg, Panchkula

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