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Cos’è Yolo assicurazione? Who views your insurance for temporary insurance, smartphone insurance and sports insurance. Let’s see how to buy a policy online in just a few clicks, what are the covered products and how you eat to disable the service at any time.


Are you ever sorry I’ll talk about Yolo? Tell you the truth, and the first time you go for me. For this reason, my incurable sleep and my immersed sleep in which you seek to find out what type of services you offer and what it is all about. In parole? He is an assicurative intermediary who distributes his digital channels products from the largest international insurance groups. What contradicts this group but it is possible to get insurance at any time and activate it and disable it as it does. Let’s see how I eat.

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  • 1 Yolo assicurazione opinione di los usuarios na web
  • 2 Yolo insurance: get an online preventive
  • 3 How does temporary insurance work?
  • 4 Yolo smartphone and tablet insurance: protected in one click
  • 5 Yolo sports insurance for your misfortune in sport
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Users on the web

It will be you and a new assurance service, or it will be still not very well known, but on the web I do not know much about Yolo’s opinion . What I found to be essentially news articles and news blog announced the arrival of this intermediary eats an interesting novelty in the field of insurance . First of all because it is a completely digitized service type: all in the meantime. Which gives it extremely fast, practical and versatile. In addition, you can activate and deactivate your assurance when, as an interruttor, only detail. For now, nothing is enough to give you insomnia and the qualified person that gives you a diet to Yolo confer the reliability of the intermediary.

yolo assicurazione

I got an online precaution

Yolo insurance allows you to obtain insurance coverage for many products, also for your appliances. How do I get to get a preventative? In practice you just have to go to the site, select from the vast range of proposed insurance (ie, action camera, drone, travel insurance , etc.) and register. You can create a personal account from your desktop app for mobile, then give your email. Once you have chosen your policy you can compile the preventive module to visualize the monthly payment and then you will finish the purchase by choosing the method of payment you prefer. Let’s make a little example. Do you want a dental insurer ? Prices start at € 1.50 per month.

yolo insurance

How does temporary insurance work?

The most interesting and innovative detail of Yolo and his temporary insurance . What does that mean? In practice, you can activate and disable your policy at any time , just like an interruttor. You just have to login to your account, be it your computer on your phone, and select if you activate or not the Yolo assicurazione.

yolo temporary insurance

Yolo Smartphone and tablet insurance: protected in a click

The time of the Nokia 3310 rhinodium has now gone, the days of our days are always more technological, advanced, but overwhelming fragiles. Just an angry cadre if you disintegrate all of it. Well, I said a smartphone smartphone might be a great idea. If you own a cell phone, do not think so much, I do not think it would be useful for you to make sure it, but even if you own an iPhone or a Hawuei of the last generation, in which case a person can recover life. The value of such a smartphone, in fact, surpasses € 1,000. In this case, you can pay a fee to Yolo to offer you smartphone insurance at monthly rates. For example, I’ll be sure your Huawei P9 Lite will cost $ 4.50 a month, or an iPhone 7 to € 9.90 per month.

yolo smartphone assicurazione

Yolo sporting assurance for your misfortune in sport

One of the most innovative proposals of Yolo and its sporting assurances . I do not know if I have never seen one of the other online police sites. This type of coverage allows you to be stare during your sporting activity (sporting activities included in the official site) at a dilettantististic level. In order to acquire this policy and need to be resident in Italy, do not be able to attend a sports federation, and not more than 60 years. Let’s just say one example: sports insurance for one person for 7 days. € 9.90, for three people for 3 days. € 17.70.

Today we have been looking for something new: Yolo insurance . It is about an online insurance service that allows you to make sure any type of object. Smartphone insurance, sports insurance, additional temporary insurance : the options at your disposal are almost infinite. If you have tried Yolo or do not intend to do it, share your opinion about it below.

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