It’s a cliché to say that women are accomplished multitaskers, but it’s true: Meeta Gutgutia, Founder, Women Listed

Did you know… that there are 13.76% (8.05 million) female entrepreneurs out of the total number of entrepreneurs in India which stands at 58.5 million, according to the 6th Economic Census. Certainly the numbers must be more than that. It’s no secret that being a working woman involves juggling work, family, finances, and a myriad of other responsibilities. Professional women have always been known for their ability to multitask.

However, the advent of various online and digital platforms has made it easier for entrepreneurs to do business, while dealing with various business complexities. Similarly, Women Listed, a start-up led by serial female entrepreneur, Meeta Gutgutia, is poised to promote and organize women-led businesses, enabling them to thrive and reach greater heights.

Currently, this platform is a thriving community of over 1000 registered women. Who has taken responsibility for bringing together women entrepreneurs from all walks of life and also provides engaging content on categories such as Career, Money & Finance, Health & Fitness, Social Issues, and many more .

On Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, SME Futures sat down with Meeta Gutgutia, the founder of Women Listed, to talk about the different facets of women’s entrepreneurship and discuss her new platform to understand how it caters to women. country workers.

Edited excerpts:

What is your perception of female entrepreneurship?

Female entrepreneurship is like any entrepreneurship. I’ve always believed that what a man can do, a woman can do too, which can be better with our multitasking skills and emotional bandwidth. All we have to do is step out of our comfort zones, get our priorities straight, understand our biases, and make our career an important goal in our lives.

But we shouldn’t have this comparison based on gender and should treat all individuals equally. In a professional space, we should judge them for what they bring to the table, based on their abilities, vision, and skills. Through Women Listed, I want to make female entrepreneurship a norm, so that the divide ceases to exist.

What is your opinion on the social and financial gender bias in the country when it comes to entrepreneurship?

There’s no denying that men in offices and women in kitchens are what we’ve seen for decades. There is deep rooted conditioning that we need to understand and then fight to bring about change. I see women adhering to outdated beauty standards, engaging in behavior that people like, and seeking validation, and the list of conforming behaviors for women is much longer than that.

Sacrificing our dreams in the name of family is so normal that we fail to realize that it causes a thinking mind to question its choices and that pursuing dreams becomes a selfish endeavor. Men and women should be proud to share household expenses and chores.

Women must mobilize to assume the financial burden of their families and to do this, they need the social and family support of the men around them and of society in general. The intellectual and creative needs of a human being must be valued and supported with the same enthusiasm.

How to make a difference in an entrepreneurial society dominated by men?

To say that women are versatile and multitasking is a cliché, but it’s true. If more women are included in our economy, not only will they contribute to growth on multiple fronts, but they will also contribute significantly to India’s GDP. We just need to organize ourselves and improve ourselves in the areas offered by Women Listed. I’m sure there are more, but research and analysis have shown us that these are the main barriers, which is why we created Women Listed to fill these gaps.

Tell us about your latest business—Women Listed and how it’s making a difference.

The idea of ​​Women Listed came from several basic needs. For example, situations like not being able to find women who make amazing products and services. They cannot be found because they are not listed on Google or Amazon.

I would only get to know these professionals through referrals from friends or through WhatsApp groups. This thought led me to create a platform to give professional women a designated space to connect and grow.

Women Listed is a need for women entrepreneurs because in India most households have entrepreneurs but they belong to the unorganized sector and are not considered as financial contributors. They mostly designate their career as a part-time hobby, so they don’t focus on development, marketing, and networking. At Women Listed, we support women in development, networking and marketing, which are essential to the growth of any business module. The ultimate goal is to see them become independent and grow in their careers.

How does this app work? Shed some light on its features as well.

Women Listed is a new idea. We started as a pilot project with 100 entrepreneurs, practitioners, advisors and service providers and received positive feedback. The number of professionals and patrons visiting our platform continues to increase.

We will soon launch its software application by the end of November 2022. And like all other social media applications, all you need to do is just register as a user/professional (depending on your preferences ), and to list you if you are a professional. You can then access the list of your services/products and obtain customers/clients. You can also access our social feed and post content. There is a unique self-marketing dashboard through which you can also promote your social networks/profiles.

From now on, we don’t charge any subscription fees. Signing up to our app and activating most features is free.

So what is your revenue model?

Our revenue model is our database. The more women we manage to list here, the more features we can offer. From now on, being featured on our app/web, our networking sessions and our marketing dashboard are our sources of monetization.

What are your future goals and roadmap for Women Listed?

Women Listed is a one-stop platform that not only provides a social space for women entrepreneurs to connect and grow, but also provides them with skills development and marketing support. We target all professional women, conventional or unconventional, from diverse professional spaces and from a myriad of backgrounds.

So given that, I can say that we are on a mission to reach and raise awareness of financial independence for 5 million women by 2025. At Women Listed, we are on a mission to empower women to be better understand their role, making them realize the importance of having a career and reaching their full potential in life.

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