“I’ve been chatting for so long now I’m indifferent” Sentinels Valorant star Dapr on death threats after VCT Masters


While the Valorant Champions Tour Masters: Berlin was quite an exciting event for fans around the world, things weren’t so good for former champions, Sentinels.

Their dominance in the Valorant competition ended at the hands of Team Envy in a very one-sided playoff series. Sentinels fans were not at all happy with the release, as several players faced online harassment and death threats.

Sentinels Valorant star Michael “Dapr” Gulino may have had the worst. During one of his return streams from Berlin, Dapr spoke about the amount of toxicity he had to face from the community after losing to Team Envy.

coming home to NA i really wish i could play in the final tomorrow but we didn’t deserve it – pushing hard to change that for the champions

once again thanks for all the support and can’t wait to see my puppy and @MadySmacks

Sentinels star Valorant Dapr received death threats after VMaster CT: Berlin

While streaming, Dapr says,

“Guys, if I showed you my DMs, I could show you 20 screenshots of people saying they’re going to dismember my mom because I stabbed Mixwell.” I’m so used to it now, it doesn’t sound like anything to me. Whatever people say, it literally means nothing to me.

Dapr reveals many gruesome facts about just how much toxicity he had to contend with following the release of the Valorant Champions Tour Master: Berlin.

However, during the stream, he didn’t look too upset by the events and even said:

“It’s okay, I got it, really it’s been a long time, I’ve been talking shit for so long, I’m indifferent … it’s just life on the Internet, they are anonymous and they won’t do anything, but it’s just something that happens.

0-2 against envy and we’re out of berlin

ggs thanks for all the support now we are focusing on the champions

Regardless of the title, all online video game personalities are often subjected to a lot of hate and toxicity, and this is precisely something Dapr claims to have grown used to.

Thankfully, Dapr seems completely unfazed by all of the hideous comments. His fans can expect him to make a solid comeback with Sentinels during Valorant Champions in December.

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