Kapil Sharma to play food delivery boy in Nandita Das’ upcoming directorial venture

Actor-director-screenwriter Nandita Das announced his upcoming film on Thursday, starring popular comedian-actor Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami. The untitled film is produced by Applause Entertainment and Nandita Das Initiatives. Set in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, it will star Sharma as a food delivery man and Goswami will play his wife. Das, who has directed such critically acclaimed films as ‘Firaaq’, ‘Manto’, said, “The film tries to make visible what is hidden in plain sight. And for that, the cast and crew came together by chance.” Speaking about Sharma and Goswami’s casting, the filmmaker said the comedian will surprise audiences as she looks forward to working with Goswami after ‘Firaaq’. “One day, Kapil Sharma appeared on my screen! I hadn’t seen his show, but I could see him representing the “ordinary man” in his own right, even if he wasn’t one anymore! I’m sure he will surprise everyone, including himself, with his natural frankness. I look forward to working with Shahana again, an amazing actor and person. And in Sameer (Nair) I found a real production partner,” Das said. Nair, CEO of Applause Entertainment, revealed that Das first told them the idea as a short film and they encouraged her to expand it into a full feature film. “We’re thrilled to say the idea blossoms into a wonderful film that captures the lives of the invisible ‘ordinary’ people who make this country and our economy work. When we see our protagonist struggling in indifferent numerical order, at what we’re seeing is a fight between man and machine, but with an immensely human perspective,” Nair said. Sharma said he was thrilled to collaborate with Das, who has a distinct style. He has already acted in films like ”Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon” and ”Firangi”.

“I’m very excited about this project, not because I’m doing a movie, but because I’m doing the Nandita Das movie, which I’ve seen both as an actor and as a director. She has a very distinct and deep to look at things and a keen eye for detail. So my job as an actor is just to do what she tells me to,” he said. Goswami said she was happier to go on an adventure with Das again after “Firaaq” and was also looking forward to working with Sharma. “I know he (Sharma) will bring a certain naturalness and ease to this character. I’m grateful to Applause for supporting and nurturing Nandita’s vision and I’m grateful to them for bringing me on this journey .I can’t wait for this wonderful creative collaboration with so many extremely talented people,” said the actor, best known for “Rock On!!,” “Bombay Begums.” The team is expected to begin filming later this month.

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