Logan Paul is the perfect heel for WWE

In wrestling, sometimes there are competitors who are born to be good guys and others who are born to be bad guys. When it comes to WWE newcomer Logan Paul, he’s destined to be a heel. The internet star first came to WWE as a babyface, before the company realized he was much better as a villain, and it caused a storm at WrestleMania 38. However, since Then he was introduced as a babyface, and while he did a decent job, he would be perfect as a heel, especially in the world of WWE.

WWE initially rectified their mistake by featuring Logan Paul as babyface

It was a questionable decision when WWE brought in Logan Paul in 2021, especially since he has a lot of bad press and controversy surrounding his career. However, there’s no denying his star power and buzz, so it only made sense for WWE to work alongside him. Even with the universal hatred that many have for him, Paul was presented as a good guy in the Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens feud, as he was very indifferent and confused by Zayn’s antics.


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At WrestleMania 37, even though Paul was in Zayn’s corner, it seemed inevitable that he would turn against Zayn. After the bell, it happened, with Paul pushing Zayn to the mat in what was a very cliché celebrity moment. In a pretty conscious WWE move, they had Owens give Paul a stunner to make the fans happy because they booed every time he was on screen, which gave the show a good moment. Paul would return to WWE alongside Baron Corbin later that year, and this time he would be cast as a heel, and it was immediately clear how natural he was in that role, with that further cemented in building WrestleMania 38.

Logan Paul proved to be an amazing heel at WrestleMania

Paul was announced as a tag team partner for The Miz ahead of a match against Rey and Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania, and during the build he cut arrogant and insulting heel promos, with a natural charisma that shines through in this role. When the event unfolded, he presented himself as one of the best celebrity entertainers in WWE history, with a brilliant in-ring performance that showed solid wrestling and, more importantly, the ability to play with the crowd and tell a story. It was immediately clear that if Paul wanted a future in wrestling, then he certainly had the tools for it.

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The Miz and Paul were victorious, but in a shocking and silly turn of events, The Miz turned on his partner after the bell, exposing him with a Skull Crushing Finale. From the way the pair acted, it was clear that Paul had been erected into babyface, although the crowd cheered at what happened, as it was a brain dead WWE move to try. to turn Paul into a good guy. This would be due to the creative control that Paul has, with him wanting to be a face, likely due to his overall brand and image.

Logan Paul’s WWE Babyface Run Doesn’t Work

It was announced a few months later that Paul had signed a contract with WWE, with him battling The Miz at SummerSlam 2022. On the mic, Paul showed great intensity, delivered his lines with authenticity, and had the looked comfortable, but audiences weren’t won over by him as a babyface, with them not having much reason to cheer him on. This is one of those instances where his role, unfortunately, feels forced, even as he tries his best.

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When it comes to someone like Paul who is clearly stronger than a heel, he really should play into that. With him being an outsider to the world of wrestling, he has the perfect reason for arrogance due to his natural goodness. With an existing heat, it would make sense to play more in there and make some money out of it. Imagine the nuclear heat if he managed to win a title, for example.

If WWE saw Paul as a long-term babyface, then starting him as a heel would have been the best move, because with heels being so good at what they do, fans often turn their hate into respect for their talent. are, leading to natural babyface bends on occasion. If WWE ran with Paul as a heel for a while and then turned him down, the response would probably be better. However, at the moment his position as a face isn’t perfect and he would be much better suited to be a heel.

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