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(ANSA) – ROME, 2 NOV. –Sophia Loren could set a new record for the Oscar nominations gap if she gets a nod to Netflix’s new offering The Life Ahead, Variety reported over the weekend.

The legend of Italian cinema could beat the 41 years between the Grapes of Wrath of Henry Fonda (1941) and On Golden Pond (1982), setting a record of 56 years between his new film and Marriage a l’italienne in 1965 .

She would also become the oldest of the nominees at 86, a year older than Emmanuelle Riva, nominated for “Love”.

If she does manage to make it to the Dolby Theater and win, she will not only break Jessica Tandy’s record as the oldest winner in the category, but also the longest-running actor winner in history.

Loren won an Oscar in 1962 for “La ciociara” (Two Women), from Alberto Moravia‘s novel, which made her the first actor to win an Oscar for a foreign language film.

The Life Ahead was directed by Loren’s son, Edoardo Ponti.

It will air on Netflix from November 13.

Loren had not performed since 2013 “La voce umana” (Human voice), also by Ponti, from Jean Cocteau’s play.

In the new photo, inspired by the novel “La vie devant soi” by Romain Gary, Loren plays Madame Rosa, an old Jewess and former prostitute, who to make ends meet housed children in difficulty in her small apartment in Bari.

One of the children who finds himself under his wing is Momo ‘, a rowdy street kid of Senegalese origin (played by the extraordinary newbie Ibrahima Gueye).

Nothing apparently unites these two characters, separated by age, ethnicity and religion, but despite this the heart of this woman, beset by absences, and this little boy, too smart to get in trouble , will remain intertwined forever.

“The character of Madame Rosa,” said Loren, holding hands with Ponti, 47, throughout Friday’s video presentation from her home in Geneva, “reminds me a lot of my mother.

“It’s true, I was away from the film set for many years, but I hardly noticed it. I needed silence, to be with my children, to watch them grow up.

Loren’s other son by the late film producer Carlo Ponti is Carlo Ponti Jr, 52, she has four grandchildren.

Loren said she regretted not having played the Monaca di Monza, an iconic character from the greatest Italian historical novel “I Promessi Sposi” (The Fiancés), as the great director Luchino Visconti had suggested.

“Many years ago, a great director like Luchino Visconti offered me to play Monaca di Monza, but nothing came of it, and I don’t even remember why. Too bad, he was a character that I liked a lot “. (ANSA).



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