Majorca Culture: Hotel Formentor

The developers have completely drained part of the Hotel Formentor, leaving only the outer walls of the building.

The hotel, which features neoclassical and Art Deco elements, opened in 1929 with a big party and the guests had to travel by boat to get there.

It quickly became a favorite destination for politicians, artists, actors and the well-to-do and Sir Winston Churchill was a frequent guest.

Many others famous people have stayed at the Hotel Formentor, including Charlie Chaplin, Gary Cooper, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ava Gardner, Audry Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and John Wayne. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco spent part of their honeymoon at the Formentor Hotel.

The greats of literature also lovedincluding Camilo José Cela, Jorge Luis Borges, Robert Graves, Miguel Delibes, Italo Calvino, Alberto Moravia and the Mexican painter Roberto Montenegro who lived in Puerto Pollença and often frequented the bar of the Hotel Formentor.

Pollensa City Council granted permission for the hotel to be completely renovated 6 months ago, but photographs just uploaded to social media websites showing the extent of the demolition have caused deep concern.

Formentor Hotel was full of stories and history and now it’s like this, what a pity, ”tweeted the former Minister of Culture, Máximo Huerto. “He inspired musicians and writers. I humbly dedicated my novel Firmamento to it.

The hotel grounds are fully fenced with numerous cameras protecting the property from prying eyes and an investigation has apparently been launched to find out. who leaked the photos.

Junts Avançam has asked Mayor Tomeu Cifre to send a municipal guard to the hotel to check that the works are in progress respect the license granted by the City Council of Pollensa.

“What we see is not reform, it is complete demolition of the entire interior!”, lambasted Avançam.

The city council is still dealing with a new license to expand the complex and work was halted for a month pending approval.

Hotel Formentor, Majorca.


In September, Patrimoni sent a report to the Pollensa City Council demanding that the interior and exterior spaces of the Hotel Formentor be catalogbut Mayor Cifre said the request came too late.

“I don’t understand why he hasn’t said anything so far and is asking for protection when there’s nothing left inside,” he said. “The owner is waiting for us to process the hotel extension license and also trying to resolve the construction material delivery problem at the Hotel Formentor. The Consell de Mallorca has reduced the maximum weight of vehicles on the Lluc road from 26 tonnes to 19 tonnes and the town council does not want to make any exceptions, so the owner is considering delivering the materials by sea.

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