Mark Figley: Our ruling class elite: rules for you, but not for me


In December 2020, President Biden said he did not support the mandatory coronavirus vaccine or mask. In May, he said: “If you are vaccinated you don’t have to wear a mask. But since the first day of his inauguration, Biden has been vaccinated, but he wears a mask and presents a mysterious image. (This is also comparable to using a wire mesh fence to stop marble).

Currently, his constant warning and public shame towards unvaccinated people increasingly ignores evidence that innate immunity offers the best protection against COVID.

Ahead of his Afghan blunder, Biden also ruled that all federal workers should get vaccinated or undergo a mask and forced testing. Remember, the Cleveland Clinic also has the necessary antibodies to fight the virus, so people who have been infected with the virus do not need to be vaccinated. Or, better yet, people have HIPPA protection and need to decide what to inject into their bodies.

Biden does not accept the answer, but neither does his ally, which further reinforces the rhetoric.

New York City presenters say unvaccinated people should be required to wear warning signs. Obama HHS Secretary Kathleen Severius recently compared unvaccinated drivers to drunk drivers and believes the job requires vaccination. Later, an email from a CNN executive was revealed complaining that “the carrots are not working anymore.” These are just a few of the voices asking for a “stick” to push the vaccine.

As governments, universities and businesses casually enforce vaccine requirements instead of expulsion and legal expulsion, public schools continue to encourage students to get vaccinated and force masks to wear. . Additionally, the Delta variant offers more challenges than the first virus, but is less contagious than chickenpox. In addition, according to the CDC, only 331 deaths from COVID have occurred in people under the age of 18, and the flu has killed around 200 people since 2019.

Looking further, in 2019 more than 2,000 children died in car crashes and around 1,000 drowned. None of this means reducing mortality, but it does mean admitting that the virus remains a minor threat to our youth. And forcing children as young as kindergartens to wear masks leads to more health risks from bacteria, increased anxiety and the socialization of dysgenesis.

In this madness, illegal immigrants continue to influence the spread of the virus. US Health Law Section 262 Title 42 “If the Director of Disease Control determines that the introduction of (infectious) diseases into the United States is in danger, he will prohibit entry into the United States. When will the CDC secure the southern border if this is the next biggest threat?

We know that almost everyone who illegally invaded the United States was not vaccinated and many tested positive for COVID, even though they were transferred to an unsuspecting community. I am. In fact, the positive test increased 900% in the first two weeks of July. As this unmasked influx of humans increases, the rate of increase of Delta Variants is a timid and severely disabled president and collusive media that prefers to demonize those who seek credible leadership and rational thinking. Is it just a coincidence that is completely ignored? Will they be healthy?

And indifferent, what to do with the unmasked guests and Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party at Martha’s Vineyard Estate in Nancy Pelosi’s recent $ 30,000 fundraiser. dance?

Our ruling class elite live on the saying, “It’s a rule for you, but not for me,” but health officials say vaccinated parents hide their children at home. Encouraging this, Biden proposes that foreign visitors to the United States prove their vaccine status when crossing our border. Anything that confirms the need for an intrusive government rebellion points in the face of constant horror.

Ben Franklin said, “They are giving up their essential freedoms for a bit of temporary security, and they don’t deserve either freedom or security. Will it continue to accept “endless” pandemics to facilitate a grand reset of authoritarianism, or will it ultimately be enough? History keeps track of which flashes first.

Mark Figley is a political activist and guest columnist for Elida. His column does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board of Lima News or AIM Media, the owner of Lima News.

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