Nigerians will stay poor if they are politically docile: Young Muslims

Young Muslims from Ojo in Lagos have demanded an improvement in living standards for Nigerians as they mark the end of Ramadan, but have warned citizens will remain poor if they are politically compliant.

Young people demanded it during an early morning Mubarak march and sensitization in Lagos, to mark the end of Ramadan.

They demanded an improvement in the standard of living of Nigerians from President Muhammadu Buhari, governors and council presidents.

The road show has sparked patriotic zeal among young people other than the religious group, preaching against conscience buying and selling in the upcoming 2023 general election.

Al Mufutua Goriola, one of the youth leaders, said the era of young conformists with bad administration is over.

According to him, young people will no longer sit on the fence as the nation continues to drift.

Mr Goriola said “hyper-inflation” had contributed to starvation and disease leading to the premature death of many people.

He explained that the spiritual revival of Ramadan should affect people’s social lives to prompt them to ask questions and make demands that could promote social re-engineering for the common good.

“If you continue to be compliant without holding leaders accountable, people’s standard of living will not improve. Redeeming our collective social value in all its ramifications is a lesson of Ramadan. Therefore, it behooves us to change the trend that has made us destitute in a land of plenty,” he noted. “Our religious posture should not be an obstacle to getting us into the pattern of things we know can improve our lives.”

Mr. Goriola condemned the parochial spirit of young people
attitude in the midst of social ills.

The Deputy Imam of the Lagos State University Mosque, Abdullmalik Lawal, has advised Nigerians, especially when choosing leaders in the upcoming general elections, not to elect politicians who will keep them poor .


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