Photographers choose the photo of the year invited 7 Lubavitch photographers to choose a memorable image they took in the year 5782. Here is what they chose. Whole story

Shalom Burkis
My Mashpia once told me to use my imagination to discover Hashem in our world and use it as a lesson. In this photo, the stability of the ice-covered mountains symbolizes for me total commitment to Hashem. Around her reminds me of the Alter Rebbe parable of the “king in the field” during Elul. Hashem is as visible there as cattle and stones.

Chneur Haviv
This photo was taken during a trip to the 7 lakes near Ausangate mountain of the Vilcanota mountain range in the Andes of Peru. Looking at such stunning scenery really puts things into perspective. Sometimes we keep chasing after the next peak while forgetting the free gifts Hashem gave us.

Itzik Roytman
Like every year, a mass Havdalah ceremony was held in New York’s famous Times Square for Jewish teenagers, who came from all over the world to spend Shabbat in Crown Heights with CTEEN. It’s exciting to see, time and again, teenagers coming closer to Judaism, proud of their heritage, and proudly shouting Shema Yisroel in one of the most popular places in the world. I’m sure they will remember those moments forever!

Mendy Krief
This drone shot was taken during the month of Tishri last year, I like this photo because you can see all of Crown Heights and 770 in the middle, and you can’t miss the huge tent that was built next to the 770 to welcome all the guests who come from all over the world. I really like the photo and the sunrise pouring in the background, it makes for a perfect shot.

Chaim Tuito

This photo was taken during the first yartzeit of the 45 Jews who were crushed to death in Meron at Lag BaOmer, a ceremony was held on Mount Meron in their memory. The event ended with a moving song by Ani Maamin with a special screen displaying the memory of all those who perished.

Shmuel Amit
When I walked down the Danube in Budapest near the Holocaust Victims Shoe Monument, I shuddered to think of the last moments of a Jewish boy tied to the side of both his parents and shot dead during the ‘Holocaust. My response was to blow a shofar in front of the indifferent Hungarians, wishing us all a Happy New Year full of “Geon Yaakov”.

Muli Berger
The reason this photo is my favorite is besides being on the cover of COLlive magazine (Kislev 5782) it also really shows how 770 is the beis rabeinu shebibovel and the center of the whole world.

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