Pink Triangle Ceremony Kicks Off Pride Month Tonight But Many LGBTQ Groups Will Boycott Breed Police Stance

This Pride Month of Boycotts and Counter-Boycotts begins with Wednesday night’s Pink Triangle Lighting Ceremony, with prominent LGBTQ organizations refusing to attend in protest against Mayor Breed, and Breed hitting back with legislation on trans homeless people.

On June 1, the annual SF Pride Month celebrations will begin as they have for two years with the ceremonial lighting of the Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks. (In pre-pandemic years it was a pink tarp installation that only came in on Pride weekends, but in 2020 it’s become an LED-lit affair, visible at night, with its own lighting ceremony.) Last year’s event, though shrouded in fog, was a feel-good celebration with a marching band and Nancy Pelosi saying kind words. But this year…maybe not such a feel-good event!

It is the first of city-sponsored events that several LGBTQ organizations will boycott against Mayor London Breed’s own boycott of the SF Pride Parade – a decision she made on SF Pride’s new policy of not allowing police officers to walk in the parade in uniform. As the SF Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District said in a statement Tuesday, “The LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District joins the Transgender District and the Castro LGBTQ Cultural District in refraining from participating in the Flag of the Month raising ceremony. from the Mayor’s Pride and all other cities and counties from San Francisco’s Pride Month celebrations until the Mayor reversed his decision and instead showed his support for the entire LGBTQ community +.

The Pink Triangle illumination ceremony is not explicitly named in this statement. But Mayor Breed is the person who has to turn on the switch at 9 p.m., according to an official schedule. And there’s plenty of talk on social media that Breed’s presence alone makes this event a no-no for her to side with the Association of Police Officers in this debate.

As the Bay Area Reporter reminds us, the official SF City Hall Pride Flag Raising Ceremony will take place tomorrow, Thursday, June 2, at 1 p.m. The transgender district already said last week that their cohort would not be attending the event to protest Breed’s choice to side with the cops – and in an open letter, the Pride leader explained how Pride himself has his origins in protest riots resulting from police mistreatment of LGBTQ people.

June 1 isn’t just the start of Pride Month, it’s also (on or around) the time when the mayor of San Francisco traditionally releases the city’s two-year annual budget. Breed just did, and KRON4 reports that she announced a $6.5 million plan to end transgender homelessness in the city. The centerpiece of that plan, according to a press release from Breed’s office, is “$6 million over two years to fund short-term rental subsidies, flexible financial assistance, and support to build vendor capacity.” non-profit serving [transgender and gender nonconforming] inhabitants. »

The timing of the announcement is probably no coincidence, as Breed has just consciously had a fight with SF Pride, and opposing Breed is now a de facto stance of progressive segments of the LGBTQ community. In what could also be an olive branch, or perhaps a cynically tossed dog bone, the Bay Area Reporter also adds that Breed’s new budget contains a $35,000 “Drag Queen Laureate” position for the town.

Many of the biggest names at Wednesday night’s 8 p.m. Pink Triangle lighting ceremony are straight people or alleged “allies.” Breed is lighting, and Nancy Pelosi will also be there, according to the official announcement. They also trans Danger! champion Amy Schneider speaking, a contingent of Dykes on Bikes will appear and Donna Sachet is expected to speak. But it’s otherwise a who’s-who of Breed’s centrist political allies — including Supervisor Matt Dorsey and City Attorney David Chiu (both Breed appointees), State Senator Scott Weiner and Supervisor Rafael Mandelman. In other words, it’s not exactly a Stonewall Riot.

But this begins our very unusual Pride Month 2022 of boycotts and counter-boycotts (and probably counter-counter-boycotts too). Although given the conformist direction Pride has taken over the past two decades, perhaps divisiveness and dissent is exactly what this Pride month needs.

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Top image courtesy of Gareth Gooch

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