Priyanka Gandhi remained silent on the action of the INC following the remark of the deputy “enjoy the rape”; BJP demands dismissal

While Priyanka Gandhi Vadra responded on Friday to the scandalous remark of “profiting from the rape” of Congressman KR Ramesh Kumar in a tweet, the party has still taken no action against the leader for his sexist comment.

Reacting to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s tweet, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Shania NC said the least one can expect from the Secretary General of Congress is “to confront the man who is a repeat offender” .

“The whole nation is outraged. Everyone, regardless of bias, has condemned. The least expected was for Priyanka Gandhi to confront the man who is a repeat offender and declares to profit from the inevitable rape. the lowest of the lowest, “said Shaina NC. Republic.

Condemning Ramesh Kumar’s remark where he said “there is a saying that when rape is inevitable lie down and enjoy it”, Priyanka Gandhi tweeted that “it is inexplicable how anyone can ever utter such words “.

The secretary general of the Congress, however, remains discreet about the measures his party plans to take against the Karnataka lawmaker.

Speaker from Karnataka, MPs react by laughing to the comment of “profit from the rape”

Former Karnataka President and Senior Congressman KR Ramesh Kumar sparked controversy on Thursday when addressing the President Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri with a shocking commentary on rape.

On Thursday, when MPs started asking the President for time to discuss farmers’ issues in the Assembly, Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri asked how he could run the session if everyone had time.

Asking the members to make a decision for themselves, he looked at Ramesh Kumar and said: “I think let us take advantage of the situation, I cannot keep this under control and move it forward in a systematic way.” Responding to this, the congressional leader said, “You see, there is a saying: when rape is inevitable, lie down and enjoy it. This is exactly the position you find yourself in ”.

Instead of objecting to the offensive remark, the Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly and members of the Legislative Assembly burst into laughter.

Ramesh Kumar justifies his sexist remark

Previously, Ramesh Kumar had advanced an “impromptu justification” after his misogynistic remark justifying the rape was sharply criticized. Using his official Twitter account on Thursday, the congressman expressed his “sincere apologies” for the “indifferent and negligent” comment made to the state assembly.

“My intention was not to trivialize or shed light on the heinous crime, but an impromptu remark!” the congressman wrote, adding: “I will choose my words carefully from now on!”

When Republic Media Network confronted congressional lawmaker on Friday, Ramesh Kumar repeatedly pushed back the Republic Television microphone pointed at him and asserted that he has already answered what needed to be answered. He also kept saying that he “owed no response to the media.”

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