Real Estate Loan Guarantees Rate

Find the mortgage rates of the month of October 2018 to take advantage of the best offers on your mortgage. This month rates remain stable over 10 years and 25 years, we note a slight increase of 0.05% over 7 years and a decline over 15 years and 20 years.

Our best property rates from October 2018


term of the loan Best national fixed rate Monthly * Trend
7 years / 84 months 0.50% 121,17 € Increase ↑
10 years / 120 months 0.65% € 86.09 Stable =
15 years / 180 months 0.80% € 58.97 Drop ↓
20 years / 240 months 1.00% € 46.21 Drop ↓
25 years / 300 months 1.25% € 38.83 Stable =
  • Monthly payment excluding insurance for € 10,000 borrowed capital
    Range of rates given for information only. Non-insurance rate discounted in real time (last updated 23/10/2018 and compared to the previous month) and may vary by region and income.
  • These rates are obtained by comparing the rates of our banking partners

Evolution of mortgage rates 10, 15, 20 and 25 years

Evolution of mortgage rates 10, 15, 20 and 25 years

Follow the evolution of mortgage rates for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years from January 2015 until today thanks to our interactive chart, select the date and duration you want to see the best rate:

Real Estate Rate Analysis October 2018

Real Estate Rate Analysis October 2018

The property rates of October 2018 remain almost identical to those of the previous month. For now the European Central Bank has not moved its rates. There should not be big movements because of the departure of his director next year.

Do not hesitate to call a credit broker for your mortgage simulation, it can get you the best loan offer through its many partner banking institutions.

Renegotiate an existing loan

During a renegotiation, or repurchase of mortgage, you will be able to obtain a more interesting interest rate and thus to gain purchasing power! Take advantage of the latest rate cuts to find a better bank.

Optimization of borrower insurance

You can save money and get a lower insurance rate by opting for real estate loan insurance delegation. This can be obtained by comparing the different offers of the market to the proposal of your banker.

What guarantees?

You can choose 4 types of guarantees:

  • The deposit (Credit Logement for example)
  • The mortgage
  • PPD (Money Lender Privilege)
  • The pledge

In the process of buying a property, a real estate broker like will advise you on the best option to choose in order to borrow in the best conditions.