Redwall Graphic Novel is a perfect callback to the Netflix series

The 2007 Redwall graphic novel is a perfect reminder for fans or newcomers ahead of Netflix’s upcoming screen adaptations of the children’s book.

The light at by Netflix plans to create an original red wall TV series and movie, the 2007 graphic novel adaptation of the first book is the perfect way for new fans to dive into the amazing world of red wall and for older fans to refresh their memories. the red wall Author Brian Jacques’ series remains one of the most iconic children’s fantasy tales ever told, spanning over 20 novels since 1986. The black-and-white graphic novel adaptation of red wall is a wonderful introduction to the series and an ideal nostalgic hit for anyone who grew up in the 90s and is obsessed with the adventures of the creatures of Redwall Abbey.


red wall follows a large group of anthropomorphic animals that live in Redwall Abbey and the surrounding Mossflower Wood, with mostly characters that are mice, badgers, rabbits, and moles. Much of the tension and adventure that appears in the books occurs when the typically peaceful and loving inhabitants of Mossflower are forced to become warriors to defend their kingdom and loved ones from the evil forces of the “varmint” creatures of the world. , the terrible rats, foxes, and weasels. First published in 1986 by Jacques, red wall features young novice monk Matthias as he searches for a legendary shield and sword created by the great Martin the Warrior, while helping the Abbey fight the truly evil one-eyed rat Cluny the Scourge.

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The 2007 Redwall: The Graphic Novel was illustrated by Bret Blevins, known for his pencil drawings and illustrations on the 80s series New Mutantsthe Marvel adaptation of The dark crystaland many problems Batman: Shadow of the Bat. The graphic novel is 147 pages long and each is painstakingly illustrated in black and white, detailing the intense emotions and action-packed fight sequences that made red wall one of the most beloved children’s fantasy sagas of all time. Blevins’ adaptation of the deranged Cluny is particularly haunting, depicting the evil rat as a menacing monster wearing his signature cape made of bat wings, held together by a mole skull, reminiscent of the horrid Sauron from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Bret Blevins does an excellent job summarizing the long first novel of the red wall saga into a beautiful, digestible graphic novel that would serve as the perfect primer for young readers interested in young adult graphic novels, which have become hugely popular over the past decade. It’s also a wonderful reminder for long-time fans of the show who can’t remember certain details and want to know their red wall before diving into the upcoming Netflix Original TV show and movie based on the red wall saga. Apparently the Netflix series will focus on Martin the Warrior, the legendary mouse whose shield and sword Matthias tries to recover in the first book, so reading the graphic novel won’t spoil any of the show’s main plot, which adapts the third book in the series.

red wallwhich was already adapted into a three-season 1999 Canadian-produced animated series, is sure to get an updated animated adaptation, and it’s been confirmed that Patrick McHale, creator of Over the garden wall and a writer on adventure time, will be in charge of writing the new Netflix series. Although there has been no news about the start of production on the red wall netflix TV series or film, fans and new readers can dive into the world of Redwall Abbey by reading Bret Blevins 2007 adaptation of the classic children’s fantasy novel by Brian Jacques red wall.

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