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Is Widiba safe and reliable ? All about current account , credit card and current promotion . We see the opinions , comments and reviews of customers to know what they think. The Wise Digital Bank (abbreviated Widiba), was born as a customizable online platform with more than 600 financial advisors covering the whole Italian territory. Created in 2014 as a technology bank that provided the assistance of personal advisors dedicated to you and your needs, it is today one of the most innovative banks on the national scene. Available on PC, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch and Apple TV, allows you to manage your account in total autonomy or with the help of a personal assistant.


  • 1 Widiba current account and credit card: what you need to know
  • 2 Widiba: promotion and news in progress if you open an account
  • 3 Is Widiba reliable and safe? Customer reviews
  • 4 Widiba opinions and final and personal comments
  • 5 Review Overview
        • Cost of account – 100%
        • Company reliability – 95%
        • Ease and speed – 100%
    • 5.1 98%

Widiba current account and credit card: what you need to know

With Widiba you can open a bank account directly online in just a few minutes and receive your credit card at your home or at the bank closest to you. Why do you recommend it? Simple, the bill in practice has zero expenses , you will not pay any fee, or the ATM or the card you will receive. You can make free withdrawals in Italy and you will not have any charges applied on banking transactions , deposits and withdrawals are free at the advanced ATMs and you will not even pay the PEC. You can also have your account always on hand on any type of device you have as this is the most technological and innovative Italian bank.

If you want to bring your old account in Widiba you can do it in a few steps and very simply, just fill out the online form and in 12 days the transfer will take place. And what about credit cards ? You can choose the ATM or the card in 34 different styles and you can also pay contactless or mobile by always receiving an SMS when a movement or a purchase is made. With Widiba you can have different types of ATMs, from totally free ones to others that require a small annual or quarterly sum (like the Oronero). The Classic card is free of charge, you can top up to € 3,000 and you will not even pay for your top-ups. However, I suggest you take a look at the information sheet to know all the details and choose the right paper for you and your needs.

Promotion and news in progress if you open an account

Widiba also offers you a promotion if you open an account at this bank by September 28th and if by October 20th you have a minimum of € 3,000 to a maximum of € 500,000 for twelve months, in fact you can take advantage of a really cheap rate ‘1.80%. In addition, I recommend you stay up to date and visit the web page often to take advantage of any offers made available to you.

Customer reviews

Is Widiba reliable and safe ? Does the fact that it is a bank run almost entirely online could create problems? Definitely not, the security systems implemented by Widiba are really worthy of note: first of all, your voice is the password and you can access your account through a fingerprint, in short, a James Bond-proof system. You can open the online account via webcam, take advantage of the digital signature and receive assistance from the best Italian financial consulting network. Also the reviews of the customers are very positive, on the web I have not found many but visiting the Facebook page of Widiba I read positive comments. Do you want another confirmation? The bank has won and often wins awards to be the most innovative in Italy, also enhancing its network of consultants.

reliable widiba

Widiba opinions and final and personal comments

Widiba is the most innovative and safe bank I’ve ever heard of. The different types of services, cards and ATMs offered make it one of the best on the Italian market, financial advice is excellent and always at your service, but what I liked most was the bill and the cards at zero expense. If you have any experiences or opinions to share about Widiba, write us in the comments for an even more unbiased point of view and to let us know what you think.

Watch this video to see how Widiba works, it’s all very simple and clear, but if you have any problem or doubt, you can contact your personal advisor.

Widiba is therefore certainly more than reliable and secure , opening a bank account and receiving your credit card is really simple and you will not have to face any expenses. You will also be able to take advantage of the current promotion on tied bonds for 12 months if you open an account by September. Customer reviews are extremely positive, in any case I invite you to share your opinions in the comments to let us know yours.

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