Roundtable: Can Texas stop their road losing streak?

In the first unveiling of the 2022 college football playoff standings, the Texas Longhorns entered at No. 24. Do you agree?

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) – If Texas is playing on neutral ground, I don’t think there are 25 better teams than them, so I agree. Now on the road, that’s another story.

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) – I am indifferent to the classification, to be honest. At this point, I’m more concerned with how they perform week-to-week to close out the second half of the season so we can see how much this team has really grown. Once we get to the end of the year, we can reevaluate future rankings.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) – The PCP only has power over you if you allow it to. And until Texas is able to play well enough to warrant a legitimate National Championship Invitational conversation, I honestly don’t pay much attention. That being said, I think part of it was giving Alabama a ranked win so they could justify their ranking over TCU.

Cody Daniel (@CodyDanielSBN) – That doesn’t mean much to me. Texas doesn’t make the playoffs no matter what the rest of the way, so playoff seeding doesn’t really carry much weight.

As the Horns hit the home stretch of the season, what do you think will be their win-loss record in the last four games? Kansas StateTCU, Kansas and Baylor remain…

Cameron- 2-2

Daniel – I think 2-2 is the most likely result and that could also be the ceiling for this streak based on what we’ve seen.

Gerald – I think 2-2 is probably likely, but having TCU and Baylor at home helps. I think KState is the one giving me the most indigestion right now because weird things are happening in Manhattan.

Cody- 2-2 is probably the sure answer, but if Texas wins Saturday in Manhattan, 3-1 seems more likely.

With injuries piling up on the defensive side and the absence of a consistent playmaker on the attacking side who isn’t named Bijan, Xavier or Ja’Tavion, who needs to step in?

Cameron- Defensively, it has to be Kitan Crawford. He’s struggled at times in the past two games with miscommunication and missed assignments, but with the lack of depth in the secondary Crawford needs to find a rhythm or the defense will struggle and Sark will have to turn to a freshman. Offensively, has anyone seen Casey Cain? Sark wants to redshirt Agiye Hall, Omeire isn’t 100% ready or gelling with Sark’s plan, so Cain has to find chemistry with Ewers. Defenses tackle Worthy and Ewers as well.

Daniel – In attack, I’ll say Jordan Whittington, and in defense, I’ll say, Jahdae Barron. Whittington must become a favorite target for Quinn Ewers and with some high school guys stoned, Barron is going to be tasked with playing a much bigger role.

Gerald – Offensively, inside the offensive line. A big part of the reason Texas lost to Oklahoma State is because the Cowboys were super disruptive between tackles and Texas couldn’t get the ground game started in the second half, ultimately giving it up. Defensively, any defensive back turning into a legitimate troublemaker in the passing game would be lovely.

Cody- I’m going to go against the grain a bit and say Quinn Ewers. He hasn’t really played near his best in the past two weeks, and we’ve seen how dynamic the offense can be when he’s rolling. If Ewers is on, the offense rolls, the defense has more time to rest, and everyone wins.

Texas has dominated Kansas State for the past few years, but this year the Wildcats team is one of the best since the Collin Klein years. What is the main reason for the move to Big 12 contender status this season?

Cameron- Collin Klein has built an offense that makes his QBs comfortable and doesn’t have to overdo it. Nebraska didn’t get the mission with Adrian Martinez, but Kansas State did. Defensively, they rank No. 7 in the FEI and No. 7 in ESPN’s SP+ due to an experienced secondary and a run defense that allows just 3.7 yards per carry.

Daniel- KSU established an offensive identity and turned Adrian Martinez into a more than useful quarterback. I doubted Martinez could do the job for the Wildcats this year, but he’s been rock solid for Collin Klein this year in Manhattan.

Gerald – The answer is in the question. It’s the Collin Klein years again, but now he’s the OC. They were really explosive on the ground, with Deuce Vaughn averaging nearly six yards per run. It’s relatively difficult to keep them one-dimensional as Vaugh can snap a big one at any time.

Cody- They’ve generally had strong defenses which have been the hallmark of quality teams, but this offense is just different this year. A well-rounded K-State team is not ideal news for Texas.

Can the Longhorns end their road losing streak against Kansas State?

Cameron- No. Texas 31, Kansas State 37

Daniel- I don’t have a good feeling about this one and rarely do when Texas has to head north to play this game. Until Ewers showed me a bouncing game and this team shows me they can do it on the road, I have to fade them. Kansas State 31 Texas 24

Gerald – Frankly, I have no idea. I can’t tell if it’s my natural sporting pessimism or if it’s a legitimate bad feeling. It’s also going to be windy in Kansas tomorrow, so I guess we’ll see what the offense can do. Kansas State 34-Texas 31

Cody – I wouldn’t be surprised if Texas wins, but I don’t expect it. 31-27 K state.

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