Sandeep M. Bhatnagar Redefines Fiction Genre Through New Book – Offspring

Reading a good book has been proven to provide unparalleled satisfaction to mind and soul. A reader is spoiled for choice with a plethora of genres like fiction, romance, historical fiction and many more, but literary fiction remains the most widely read genre across the globe. The reason for this is that it makes the reader empathize and makes them live vicariously the lives of other characters, thus escaping theirs. Offspring- a Novel by Sandeep M. Bhatnagar, who recently retired as a member of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs, is such a beautiful work of fiction that leaves an unforgettable impression long after his last word has been read and its last page has been turned. . It’s creating quite a buzz among readers eager to bring something new, something refreshing to the table.

What makes Offspring special among countless other works of fiction is that it depicts with rare sensitivity the most common emotion of love; family love. Since most people naturally feel this emotion, every reader sees themselves in one or another of the characters and begins to identify internally with the story as if it concerned them. Simply put, Offspring is the story that a majority of people could have experienced or experienced in one form or another.

Originally set in the early 1900s in British India in the small town of Ambala, Offspring revolves around a young boy, Rohan, who is reluctantly sent to Australia to study. The decision to go abroad means enduring the pain of separation from her beloved parents and older brother. However, Rohan is clear that this is a temporary separation and that he will return to his birthplace. The story takes an interesting and unexpected turn when the time approaches for Rohan to return to Ambala. The temporary separation drags on and soon proves to be a never-ending affair as life takes Rohan on one different journey after another.

The young boy is now stuck abroad in his own decision-making pool although part of him still longs to return home. With love, future prospects and life on his mind, Rohan, like most of us, is an incomplete chaos, far from family, in a distant land. Over time, he moves abroad, and one by one his parents and older brother die, leaving him no home to return to. In his own old age, Rohan grapples with his guilt for having abandoned his family and his birthplace.

What makes Offspring a must-read for fiction fans is that it delves into the very human phenomenon of migration that separates beloved family members. Its enigmatic ending leaves open the question for the reader to decide whether the protagonist who moves to another country away from his parents and older brother has done something wrong or not and will it result in the permanent severance of the family or is there hope?

Speaking about his book – Offspring, Sandeep says, “I would like to sincerely thank the readers for giving my book such a warm response. The offspring highlights the migratory nature of human life that most of us go through and its less expressed emotional impact. The idea for the story germinated during my interactions with the Indian Diaspora while working at the Consulate General of India in New York when I observed their longing for their birthplaces and the loved ones they had left behind. I feel happy when readers say they could relate to the story.

“Offspring” is published by Speaking Tiger, which is one of the most prestigious and renowned publications in India. The book is available on all major e-commerce platforms like Amazon (including Kindle) as well as WOB, Bokus, Barnes & Nobles, Bahari Sons, Midland, Full Circle, Jain Book Agency, Granth, Kitab Khana, Book Lovers, Roxy Book Store, The Book Shop and other major bookstores in India and abroad.

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