Schools grapple with teacher absences linked to COVID

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW / WAGT) – Although the number of cases is similar, Columbia County has not sent any students to home learn.

Columbia County primarily follows state recommendations. Exposure should be direct or close contact without a mask, then quarantine for 5 days, no symptoms, and come back after 5 days with a mask.

If you are exposed to more than 3 feet, you can go back to school if you wear a mask and watch for symptoms.

Richmond County follows the CDC. Exposure is within 6 feet, 5 day quarantine unless you are boosted or have had your second shot within 6 months.

As they switch to home learning due to teacher absences—

“A 5-day window that gives the school a chance to reset itself, to bring back most of their teachers who are absent or forced to take time off work to school safely,” said Lynthia Ross, manager Richmond County School Public Relations.

They clean and disinfect, give time to get test results, and quarantine and isolate.

However, the transition is still not perfect.

Nafeesa Young is indifferent, she wants fewer interruptions, but she wants to make sure her 5-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son with autism and lung disease are safe.

“Right, we’re out of luck. * his daughter interrupts him * It’s what it is to work at home. It’s the five-year-old, ”Young said.

Ultimately, districts and youth trust you to make the safest decision for your children and others in keeping them home when they are sick.

“You know, parents have to have a board, we have to think about other people’s kids, you know,” she said.

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