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By Dayo Sobowale

When a dog bites a man it is not news, but when a man bites a dog then it is news’ This is a well known saying in journalism and events that I will dwell on today will clearly show how a man ‘bites a dog’

In France, a man slapped the President of the Republic in broad daylight and this news was shown and shown repeatedly around the world, even a few days after the unusual event.

In Nigeria, the government has incredibly suspended Twitter and created shockwaves all over the world, locally and internationally. In the United States, no less than Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, congratulated the Nigerian president and lamented that he did not do the same during his tenure until he was reduced to the silence and literally and democratically dethroned by Twitter, in the last US Presidential Election of 2020.

In the same United States, some parents, especially mothers, are speaking out against the education policy of the new American government called Critical Race Theory which seeks to correct the notion of racism against blacks by teaching white children to recognize and to learn that whites have in the past has been unfair to blacks since the dawn of American history and that a human’s gender is not their biological gender but their gender identity.

Let me first show the fun side of these “man biting a dog events” before continuing to show their seriousness as well as their security and political implications now and in the future. In the case of the French president, he was called by name by a crowd in the city he was visiting, and he thought he was popular and ran to the crowd only to get a neat slap and he had to be carried away like a child by a bulky bodyguard very quick to safety. From this event Emmanuel Macron, President of France, must learn that all that glitters is not gold even if he said that the event would not dissuade him from being close to the French people.

Regarding the Nigerian President’s Twitter ban, those who were shocked and stirred up the cry of human rights violations, too conveniently and too soon forgot the Nigerian government’s promise to shock those who foment unrest and create insecurity. on the rise in the nation.

To me, our president simply kept his promise of “shock” insecurity, and you can cry or laugh about it, depending on which side of the fence you are on, in terms of collective security.

On the question of the former US president congratulating our president on the ban on Twitter, I believe, as a victim of the power of Twitter, Donald Trump is really sincere about the praise, even if for him it is clearly to use wisdom after the event or to close the stable doors after the horses have run away. On some mothers’ rebellion on the Critical Race Theory based education program, they say it’s like educating white kids against blacks and it’s like saying my skin or color is better than yours and that too is bound to lead to another foundation or series of skin problems in students born organically as boys and girls are now learning that boyish-looking girls can now share the same bathroom as female boys. normal appearance. This is the simplest recipe for war and gender and gender confusion, now and for the foreseeable future.

Now on to the details of today’s topic “man bites the dog” starting in series with the slap in the face of the French president by a man who shouted the slogan of France’s imperial past under Charlemagne. This makes this man a product of the far right in France and French Muslims can breathe a sigh of relief that he is not one of them this time around. But in a France where people were randomly bombed and beheaded in the streets, the French leader had little concern for his own safety. He could have been dead now. I wonder how Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan will react to the French President’s slap that he condemned some time ago with the manipulation of Muslims in France over Islamic terrorism. Erdogan then called Macron crazy. I hope he will be more sympathetic and charitable in the face of this slap from his counterpart in France.

On security therefore, Macron should watch his rear, left and right. Some retired and serving military officers recently wrote a signed letter saying that civil war is brewing in France because of its lack of courage in the fight against Islamic terrorism and the French army chief asked those who want to be in politics to quit the military or face the music of being thrown. It’s like trying to quell a mutiny or a coup. Which really means Macron got lucky with a slap in the face, but he needs to be told in plain language that a revolution or civil war is no tea party.

Regarding the Nigerian government’s ban on Twitter, let me say that I am somewhat proud of it, despite its implication for freedom of expression and the right to dissent. Twitter is inundated with the world’s most despicable language. Some Nigerians avoid it like the plague while many Nigerians revel in this language and insults.

The aim of the ban is to stop the spread of insurgency and insecurity with the spontaneity and viral nature of twitter technology to spread fake news, fake news and unfounded information. See how Twitter uprooted Donald Trump even if it must be said that Twitter made him the most powerful American president of his time with his frequent daily tweets that daily toppled his many enemies and detractors. Trump, while admiring our government’s ban also accused the Twitter CEO of treason, frequently dined with him in the White House before pulling the rug out from under him at election time.

Our own government has shown that surprise and shock are weapons of war and that technology and knowledge are strategies of war in the modern age. It is those who are waiting for the army or navy to come to their parts of the country who will be caught off guard by the ban, when they realize that they can not communicate and spread false rumors and news to. both locally and internationally to further promote. and increase insecurity in the country. The government has said the ban is in the public interest and replaces any anger at human rights, because where human lives are wasted on the scale we have seen on our land these time the government is right that human rights end where our noses start on insecurity.

Regarding the teaching of critical race theory, a Chinese-American mother compared the concept to the execution of the Cultural Revolution in Maoist China when children betrayed their parents and teachers by denouncing them for failing. not conform to the principles of the Cultural Revolution. . The mother would be 6 when the revolution began and arrived in the United States at the age of 26 and confessed her joy at the freedoms she had never seen before in her adopted country. The mother lamented that with the teaching of CRT in American schools, it seemed that Chinese Americans had fled communism in China and now faced it in the United States, which they had long adopted as a country. . Either way, I find it incredible that a US government that criticizes China for forcibly indoctrinating the Uyghur Muslim minority with Chinese Party ideology while building camps for such an orientation, is now indoctrinating its own. children on how to perceive color, history and behavior in oneself. American children’s schools. I hope the protests against the CRT will be successful because it is morally wrong to substitute one suspicious and historically unjust discrimination for one that this time is CRT at the expense of sheer whiteness which is different from the reprehensible racist theory of white supremacy.

Once again from the fury of this raging pandemic, Good God delivers Nigeria.

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