Seven curiosities of the famous private jets


Who doesn’t like knowing some of the secrets that the wealth of the best-known international houses face? Enter their mansions through spectacular photographs or find out in what kind of gadgets spending their fortune is something that catches our attention and arouses our curiosity. The same goes for celebrity private jets. Therefore, we bring you a list of curiosities regarding what could be the most exclusive form of transportation for big celebrities. Take a look because we can assure you that none of the things that we are going to tell you here will leave you indifferent!

Oprah Winfrey’s private jet. / Photo: Getty
  1. That of Tom cruise It is a nostalgic jet because it is neither more nor less than 1998. A true classic of aviation. Its engines are signed Rolls Royce.
  2. The private jet of Jay Z It’s a $ 40 million gift Jennifer Lopez gave the singer for Father’s Day. Reveal!
  3. Jim carrey he rents his private jet when he’s not using it for $ 8,000 an hour.
  4. The private jet of the former president of the United States Donald trump has 24 karat gold fixtures in the bathroom.
  5. John Travolta park his private jet in the backyard of his mansion. But he doesn’t have one but a real fleet!
  6. Harrison ford he is piloting his own jet.
  7. Do the same Jimmy buffetYou and, again, Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

All of this private jet data has been collected over the years by JetList, Forbes, CNBC, and Business Insider. In COOLthelifestyle we wanted to make this compilation that can become an interesting table theme this summer with family and friends. Which of these seven curiosities caught your attention the most and which of them surprised you the least?

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