‘Silverview’ – the latest novel by John le Carré



A captivating spy novel to immortalize Le Carré’s literary contributions

Posted on 11.29.21, 08:06 AM

Image Courtesy: Viking

In John le Carré’s last completed novel, he again plunges the reader into the dark and deep world of spies. With his passing last December, fans were heartbroken for losing a literary genius, but with this book his memory lives on.

We follow protagonist Julian Lawndsley to a quiet English seaside town, where he runs a bookstore, a far cry from the high-flying banking job he once had in the city. His peaceful life is soon interrupted by a Polish emigrant called Edward Avon who claims to have known Lawndsley’s father, but there is something about his manners that makes Lawndsley suspicious. Who is he? What is his game?

It is the stories of Avon and his wife that are really the heart of the plot of this novel. The complex web of lies woven by spies and governments is at the heart of this book. Published by Viking, this book is concise with twists to keep the reader enthralled.

– Aatreyee Mohanta


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